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Last Updated: Jan 21, 2022

In order to increase stability and security we recently made a naming change for our servers. Servers were previously using our domain naming convention, and going forward they will be using the domain name. This would mean if you were hosted on server, for example, you would now be on

It’s important to note that the change did not result in any downtime or loss of service for your website, or email. It may however affect customers with certain email clients, as the settings need to be updated to reflect this change.


* For FTP connections, please update the server name from "" to "". i.e

* For email, update your email client incoming/outgoing server settings from to (i.e to and save your settings. In order to verify or view what server you are hosted on, please refer to your hosting dashboard.

IMPORTANT: Patience is key in this process. Multiple incorrect login attempts will cause your IP to be blocked for security reasons. Attempt your logins once every five minutes. If your IP is blocked, try again in half an hour.

For reference we have included the full list of recommended SSL email client settings for you below:

Username: Use your entire email address as the username

Use the email account’s password.

Incoming Server:
(replace ## with your server number)
  • IMAP Port: 993
  • POP3 Port: 995

Outgoing Server:
(replace ## with your server number)
  • SMTP Port: 465
IMAP, POP3, and SMTP require authentication.


Here is an example illustration of working settings in Mac Mail:



If email client settings are not updated, you may see the errors below:

  • Certificate Not trusted
  • Identity error
  • Server unable to verify
  • Cannot verify server identity
  • The identity of cannot be verified
  • Invalid certificate warning. The certificate is issued to *




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