If you purchase an SSL certificate with Name.com, and your site is not hosted by us, you can follow the instructions below to generate the certificate:

  1. Log into your Name.com account
  2. Click the MY PRODUCTS link.
  3. Select SSL Certificate and click Setup Now.
  4. Select the subdomain you want to secure and the domain name in their respective fields. The subdomain is the "third level" in a URL (i.e. for secure.domain.com the subdomain would be "secure").
  5. Click Next Step and enter the contact information.
  6. The Approval Email Address will be pre-populated but you will enter the rest of your contact information manually. If you do not have an [email protected] email address, you can either set up a new email account or email alias, as a way to get the email verification email.
  7. Your hosting provider will need to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for you. Copy and paste the CSR code (including the --BEGIN CERTIFICATE-- and --END CERTIFICATE-- text) into the CSR field.
  8. Click Next Step to move onto Validate Your Domain.
  9. On this page you need to make sure Email Validation is selected. If it is not, click Switch to Email Validation. You can either set up a new email account or email alias, as a way to get the email verification."
  10. Click Send Email and the validation email will be sent to the Technical Contact for the domain name. That email will contain a link you need to click on to validate domain ownership. Once you click on the link, your SSL provider will email the CRT to that address.

Your hosting provider will need to assist you with installing the SSL certificate on their servers. For more information, please visit the DigiCert website.