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从 500 多个专业设计的模板中选择适合任何行业的模板,然后使用直观的拖放编辑器在几分钟内创建一个网站。根据需要从 Wix 的内置数字工具套件中添加,以帮助您的业务增长。

选择您的 Wix 网站套餐

Wix 套餐包括免费域名、无限制的页面以及来自 Wix 客户服务团队的全天候支持。

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Name.com 是管理所有网站项目的地方。无需同时处理十几个平台和登录信息。您可以将您的域、Wix、Google Workspace、Titan 电子邮件等都集中一处。


使用 Wix 可获享哪些功能?

借助 Wix,您可以获得在行业领先的基础架构支持的平台上在线建立企业形象所需的一切,以确保安全性、性能和可靠性。


拖放编辑器可以轻松自定义任何内容。Wix 提供数百个模板,包括针对特定行业的设计。


Wix 在设计平台时考虑到了可靠性和规模。随着您的网络流量增长,Wix 会不断优化以实现高性能。


Wix 模板针对移动设备进行了优化,您可以在移动端和桌面端编辑器之间切换。您的网站在所有设备上看起来都很棒。

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回答一些关于您的网站、位置和关键字的问题,并获得个性化的 SEO 计划。

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Wix FAQs


The Wix Editor and Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) makes it very easy to build a website. The Wix platform includes more than 500 professionally-designed templates, including templates for specific jobs and industries. You can choose a template, add content, and easily rearrange your content with the drag-and-drop interface.


Building a website with Wix requires no coding knowledge whatsoever. The Wix Editor is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that allows you to arrange content, add pages, and structure your site without ever needing to access the code editor. Knowing how to code can help you add a few custom elements to your site, but Wix is designed to work for everyone, from web design experts to beginners.


The Wix site builder makes it easy to create a website yourself. You don’t have to know how to code or be a seasoned web designer to build your site—Wix’s templated site designs and intuitive editor allow you to build a professional website all on your own.

我需要使用 Wix 购买托管套餐吗?

Wix 平台包含托管。Wix 可根据您的业务扩展,因此您无需担心带宽来支持您的流量。Wix 网站对视频和图像等文件有存储空间限制,但您始终可以升级到具有更多存储空间的套餐。

我需要使用 Wix 的 SSL 证书吗?我的 Wix 网站安全吗?

安全保护包含在您的 Wix 套餐中。每个站点都包含企业级安全功能,包括自动安装的 SSL 证书。Wix 拥有一支专属专家团队,他们可以检测和响应安全问题,因此您可以放心,您的网站和网站访问者都会受到保护。

如何使用 Wix 获得免费域?

当您将 Wix 包年套餐添加到购物车时,系统会提示您搜索域名。如果您添加一个域,当您结账时,它将自动免费。如果您还没有准备好选择域名,您也可以选择接收一个带有 20 美元折抵额的促销代码。如果您以后再注册域,只需在结账时使用促销代码即可。

如何使用 Wix 获得免费的 Google Workspace?

Before you add a Wix plan to your shopping cart, make sure the checkbox next to “Add Google Workspace free for one year” is selected. One Google Workspace Business Starter license will be added to your cart for checkout. A free plan of Google Workspace is only available with a yearly Wix plan.

如何创建移动版的 Wix 网站?

The Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), Wix Editor, and Wix templates are designed to be mobile friendly, so the changes you make to the desktop version will automatically apply to your mobile site. You can also use the Wix standard editor and Wix ADI to make specific changes to your mobile version.

How do I build a free website?

You can add a free Wix website to cart from this page, or from order confirmation after completing a purchase. Building a Wix free website is a great way to get started on your business website and familiarize yourself with the platform before committing to a paid plan. You can upgrade your free site to a paid plan at any time, which unlocks premium features like custom domains, removal of Wix ads from your site, and increased storage.

Can I use a free Wix website to build an online store?

eCommerce, payment processing, recurring payments, and subscription management are available when you upgrade from a free Wix website to a Business plan. Upgrading also removes Wix ads from your site, increases your storage, allows you to use a custom domain, and unlocks many other Business features.

Can I use a custom domain with a free website?

You must upgrade to a paid Wix plan in order to use a custom domain with your Wix website. Upgrading also allows you to access Google Analytics for your site, removes Wix ads, and unlocks a host of valuable features.

如何在 Google 上找到我的网站?

Wix 使在 Google 上找到您的网站变得简单。使用 Wix SEO Wiz,回答一些关于您的网站、所在地和关键字的问题,并获得个性化的 SEO 计划,以便在网上找到。

How many users do I get with free Google Workspace on Wix yearly plans?

The first user is free! You can add as many users as you want for an additional per user cost.

Name.com 提供一流的产品,例如 Google Workspace 和 Titan Email。