3 Reasons Influencers Should Adopt Descriptive Domains in 2023

3 Reasons Influencers Should Adopt Descriptive Domains in 2023 header image

3 Reasons Influencers Should Adopt Descriptive Domains in 2023

If you’re an influencer looking to boost your business performance in 2023, consider incorporating a website with a descriptive domain into your digital portfolio. Whether you manage your brand, work with a partner, or contract a professional to manage your opportunities, a one-of-a-kind domain can help you attract new collaborators and grow your online presence. 

As social media platforms tend to fluctuate in popularity, it’s important to tie your online identity to more than just your social media accounts. What if TikTok disappeared tomorrow? Would your online presence cease to exist? 

As an influencer, having a website is essential to safeguard and showcase your content, especially when dealing with an unstable social media landscape. By selecting a descriptive domain, you can establish a more memorable and recognizable online presence that extends beyond your social media platforms. And the best part? Building a simple website is easy! Website builders like Wix can help you set up your very own website in just a few minutes and offer endless customization options so you can design the perfect website for your unique needs.

What makes a good descriptive domain name?

Descriptive domain names are URLs that explain exactly what you and your business do. By including keywords specific to you and your brand, your visitors will have an easier time finding you and remembering your website for the future. Instead of regular domain extensions like .com, a descriptive domain allows you to further customize your website with keyword-based domain extensions such as .SOCIAL, .BIO, .LIFE, .ME etc. By creating a website with a descriptive web address that reflects your social media handle, you further establish your online presence and open yourself up to a potential new audience through organic traffic. 

  Descriptive domain ideas for influencers can include:

  • Your name or handle – As an influencer, your persona is critical to your brand. Including your handle name in your domain name can help potential collaborators or followers connect your handle to your website immediately. For example, if your Instagram handle name is fabulous_jewelry, you could opt for the domain fabulous.jewelry
  • Your industry – If you work in a specific industry, you could include one or more of these in your descriptive domain name. For example, if you rent luxury condos in California, a descriptive domain such as coastal-living.condos displays that off the bat. This instantly provides credibility and trust for your business in your respective industry. 
  • A keyword associated with your brand – Whether you have a signature phrase, hashtag, or word associated with your digital identity, you can incorporate it into your domain name to make your website more easily recognizable. For instance, Kate Strickler—an influencer with a large following on Instagram, has the handle @naptimekitchen. A descriptive domain name like naptime.kitchen would allow her to create a cohesive brand identity from her social media to her website. 

Your website should have a concise URL that reflects your handle and can be easily used in your posts or shared through your social media platforms. 

3 reasons for influencers to launch websites with descriptive domains

Creating a website with a descriptive domain can help you optimize your content, connect it to your brand, and make it as eye-catching as possible to potential collaborators.

Let’s explore these benefits in more detail.

#1 Reaching new audiences

As the influencer market becomes more competitive, these entrepreneurs must use every tool they can to increase the visibility of their socials and websites. Having a website allows you to SEO optimize your content, making it easier to reach viewers, brands, and content aggregators who can expand your reach. When you create your own website, you can tap into a greater pool of followers that might not be on social media.

Optimizing your website and domain name for specific keywords can help boost your ranking in search engines like Google and Bing, ensuring that your site appears as high as possible on the search engine results page (SERP), ultimately increasing your organic traffic. 

Simply put, an SEO-optimized site with a descriptive domain can catch the eyes of potential collaborators who don’t discover influencers directly on social media. 

Let’s return to the example of Instagram influencer Kate Strickler. If a kitchenware brand wants to partner with an influencer, they may search for “home chefs” and see naptime.kitchen on the search engine results page (SERP). This visibility could start a mutually profitable connection for Kate and her potential new merchandise partner. 

#2 Strengthening your brand

Brand consistency is critical for influencers, and using a descriptive domain for your website can support efforts to create brand-aligned social media profiles, graphics assets, and web content. Influencers can make a lasting impact on viewers and potential collaborators with a website that communicates their online presence and makes it easy to find and access their content.

Kate could use her professional website to host posts from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, creating a cohesive way to share different kinds of content. Once she registers the descriptive domain name naptime.kitchen, she can leverage that name in her other digital assets, allowing for more seamless navigation between platforms. 

Her Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and website all feature custom graphics bearing her domain name—another move that solidifies her branding and uses her name as a springboard for her followers to connect through her website as well.

#3 Gaining control over your content

While you might be primarily conducting business over social media channels, maintaining a website helps you store your portfolio, communicate your credibility to prospective partners, and serve as a gateway to all of your profiles, links, offer codes, and other content. 

Plus, when dealing with the volatility of the social media landscape , collecting your assets in a website you own provides you with a consistent home base for your brand. This means that regardless of how third-party social channels change over time, you’ll always have access to your archived material. 

Best of all, building a website from scratch isn’t a full-time job anymore.

Website builders like Wix allow you to quickly launch a custom website and integrate content from your other accounts, giving you more autonomy over your online posts. And with customizable add-ons, your Wix site grows alongside your brand.

Create a descriptive domain name with Name.com

Influencers can use descriptive domain names to create a memorable URL, align their various branded elements (both on social media and elsewhere in the digital space), and catch the eyes of potential collaborators on the internet in a whole new way. 

As a digital entrepreneur looking to build a strong web presence, you can search for your descriptive domain name at Name.com. We’ll help you name your site and continue growing your digital network with custom top-level domains perfect for influencers, from .SOCIAL to .BIO 

Launching your site is the first step toward owning your online identity and your future success. Discover your perfect domain match at Name.com today. 


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