5 URL forwarding hacks for an epic social media presence

5 URL forwarding hacks for an epic social media presence header image
Social Media

Nowadays it seems like everyone has a social media presence. And it’s not just updates on Facebook anymore—now there’s a wide array of social media sites that let you use video, photos, or even long form content to share updates about yourself and your life.

But how exciting is it, really, to say “Find me on Facebook” or “Look up my Instagram handle”? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a simple way to take your potential connections directly to your profile? By using these 5 domain hacks, you can make it easier than ever for friends and fans to connect with you on your various social media platforms.

“But wait,” you might be saying, “what is URL forwarding?” An excellent question. URL forwarding allows you to create a simple, custom URL that redirects to anywhere on the web you want it to go. When applied to social media, it can direct visitors straight to your page without them having to search for your username and filter through the results. Check out these unique domain extensions that are perfect for redirecting a URL to your social media accounts.

If you’re on Twitter … use .SOCIAL

Register yourhandle.social and forward it to your Twitter profile. But since the .SOCIAL domain is so diverse, you could use it for any of your social media accounts or use it to create a landing page that links to all of your social profiles.

If you’re on Periscope … use .LIVE

Users on Periscope, Meerkat, or Twitch can direct their viewers to their channel with a yourname.live domain. Several notable Periscopers, including Alex Pettitt, Dana Garrison, and more are already using .LIVE domains to make it easy for fans to watch their live streams.

If you’re on Facebook … use .NEWS

Facebook is all about sharing updates about your life, right? Well using a yourname.news domain is a great way to encourage friends and followers to visit your personal page or business page. .NEWS is one of the most popular new domains out there and still offers a great deal of availability and versatility.

If you’re on YouTube … use .VIDEO

If you want viewers to frequently check in and watch your latest videos, make it easy for them to navigate to your channel. By using yourname.video or yourchannelname.video to link to your main profile, you can brand your video presence while making navigation simple. .VIDEO can also point to Vimeo, a live streaming channel, or any other site that focuses on video.

If you’re on Instagram … use .ROCKS

Now that Instagram is accessible via computer, it’s a better idea than ever to make it simple for people to find your Instagram page through URL forwarding. .ROCKS is a fun, memorable extension that would work well for a yourbusiness.rocks or yourname.rocks domain pointed to your Instagram account. But .ROCKS could also be used to show off any of your other social media accounts or websites.

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