6 modern brands showcasing their digital innovation with a .CLOUD domain

6 modern brands showcasing their digital innovation with a .CLOUD domain header image
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By Mou Mukherjee

Here at .CLOUD we are always on the lookout for innovative companies and interesting applications of .CLOUD domains. When you think of .CLOUD, you might immediately think of cloud services or storage. But modern businesses and startups are leveraging .CLOUD for many other purposes including cloud platforms, product launches, and consumer applications.

Building your website with a .CLOUD domain gives you the built-in brand values of the term ‘cloud’ such as scalable modern technology, digital innovation, disruption, and the future of business.

We’ve shared a few of our favourite examples where combining a strong keyword with .CLOUD gives you an impactful, professional, and modern website destination that has digital innovation written all over it!

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Launched recently, WP cloud is a cloud platform built solely for WordPress and designed for anyone that wants to easily offer WordPress hosting to their customers. It was created by Automattic, the company behind the wildly popular website builder WordPress.

By combining the brand WP with .CLOUD, you get a slick destination for this new product offering. With the term cloud built into the product and the domain there’s no confusion—this is the ultimate destination for WordPress hosting. Two letter domains like Wp.cloud are rare and Automattic knew the impact they wanted to make with this prestigious domain.


powercloud is a leading platform for mid and back office processes in the energy industry. By combining a strong keyword such as “power” with the modern domain like .CLOUD, you get a stunning and unforgettable domain name.

It was crucial for powercloud to have a strong brand identity and a domain name that would stick. As cloud-natives, they believed that the domain power.cloud would signal their intention on becoming a digital superstar in the energy industry.


ReportingCloud enables developers to create documents with simple HTTP requests. We love to see .CLOUD leveraged for the developer audience. Developers know the power of cloud as technology, and will love the simplicity of the product name.

ReportingCloud is the brainchild of Text Control, a leading vendor of word processing and reporting components for Windows, web, and mobile development technologies. As a SaaS product specializing in reporting and templates, it makes total sense to brand their product Reporting.cloud. We love this simple yet highly effective domain name.


Automation Cloud is an internet automation platform where you can automate, transact, and connect any action on the web or build APIs for anything on the web. Their aim is to disrupt the process of integrating traditional APIs with 90x faster integration. Automation Cloud was launched by ​​UBIO, a company that has been automating and connecting the dots on the web for financial and travel companies since 2013!

As developers themselves, designing products for developers, they knew how important it was to have a domain name that resonated with their audience. Automation.cloud appeals to developers and precisely communicates that it is the destination for automation on the web.


Alchemy is an enterprise SaaS company that develops software to help modernize the specialty chemicals industry. As a company that powers the digital lab of the future, a modern domain was a must!

Here’s another example of combining a powerful keyword combined with a modern domain extension like .CLOUD to create a highly memorable domain name. As a company that accelerates digital transformation in the chemicals industry and is built on modern technology such as AI, we think the domain Alchemy.cloud is equal parts magical and modern.


AvatarCloud is an app to track and visualize your fitness. It scans your body and and creates an avatar based on all your specific body measurements. This app was designed by NeXR Technology, a German company specializing in Virtual reality. No more measuring tape needed to track your changes! Aside from personal and fitness applications, this will be the basis for virtual fitting which seems to be their bigger vision. This could be a game changer for the retail industry!

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Whether you’re looking to launch a cloud platform, a cloud enterprise or application, find your modern domain to match today.

Mou Mukherjee is the Head of Registry Services at .CLOUD. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.