6 reasons every small business needs website content

6 reasons every small business needs website content header image

Our friends at Textbroker were kind enough to share some insight with us about why great content is essential for a great website. If you’re a small or medium-sized business, a freelancer, or just have a personal website, learn why fresh content is one of the most powerful tools you have for bringing in new clients or viewers.

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, only half of small businesses have websites. When asked the reason for not building a site, 41 percent of site-less brands claimed it wasn’t a priority. Out of the companies that had published a site, nearly half confessed that no updates had ever been made since its inception. Although rumor has it that creating or actively maintaining an online presence isn’t necessary, companies with top-notch content have the ability to reach the 97—yes 97—percent of consumers who state they search online for products and services. Still skeptical? Here are a few reasons new, high-quality website content is just what your business needs, as well as guidance on how to produce it.

Improved visibility

Think about when you have an interest in eating at a new restaurant. You’re probably not going to drive around on a quest for a potential hot-spot or look up listings in the Yellow Pages. Instead, you’ll likely choose the fast and convenient method of using a search engine for an answer. The same is true for your potential consumers. For users to find you, however, it’s imperative that your page rank highly in Google’s search results. To achieve a high ranking, content that’s relevant, original, and optimized is a must.


Particularly if you’re a smaller, less-known business, visitors may not know what products and services you offer. Sale transactions can only begin once shoppers know what they can buy and have a reason for buying it. Clarify your mission statement, company story, and the consumer problem you solve or need you fulfill.

Time saved

To limit the amount of customer service support involved in-house, website content can be a resource for answers to commonly asked questions about your business or the industry. FAQ pages, company contact information, blogs, and tutorials can all offer helpful tips, guides, and explanations, saving your brand time and manpower to complete other tasks.

Enhanced reputation

Shoppers want to feel confident about their purchasing decisions. Showcasing brand success like customer testimonials or a press release on a well-earned reward will demonstrate that you’re dependable and boost credibility and buyer trust in you.

Distinction from competitors

As more content fills the Internet, it can be a challenge to be heard above all of the noise.

Not only does highlighting your competitive advantages help differentiate you from rivals, but the way in which you communicate those advantages does as well. If you own a clothing store, for example, describe the qualities of your material that make your brand special but do so in an original way. Sprucing up generic product descriptions can go a long way toward consumer retention and result in purchases.

Increase in revenue

Each of the benefits listed above, from captivating users to gaining their trust, will work toward achieving every brands’ ultimate goal: an increase in company revenue. If you don’t want to undertake the project alone, Textbroker and Name.com are here to help with your website and content creation needs!

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