Branded navigation: How New Domains make it easier to share your best content

Branded navigation: How New Domains make it easier to share your best content header image

An online presence is a requirement for modern day businesses that want to prosper. But for most companies, that means more than just a website: it involves YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, a careers page, and more. And across each of these platforms or web pages, a strong, recognizable brand image must be present.

But when you direct your customers to, is your brand really being highlighted? Or is it being buried in a too-long URL that customers won’t care about or remember?

Branded navigation offers a solution to this conundrum. Branded navigation marries the common practice of URL forwarding with informative New Domains.

Branded navigation allows your company to create short, interesting URLs that customers can easily remember. Instead of, you can use to direct users to your Twitter feed. And rather than asking customers to “find us on YouTube,” simply direct them to

But branded navigation is not just limited to connecting with third party platforms. If there is a certain area of your own website that you would like to highlight, a custom URL allows you to do so. For example, if you want to share testimonials about your business’s products or services with potential customers, you can use the domain and forward it to another page, like

Some of the most recognizable companies in the word are already using branded navigation to highlight their web presence online. Take Amazon for example, which uses to promote their recruiting efforts and to compile their best product reviews.

The internet may be one of the greatest marketing tools there is, but it’s also a very crowded space—you and your business must stand out to garner the attention you need. Branded navigation allows companies to establish and own their online presence in a way that has not been possible before. With the power of New Domains and branded navigation, companies everywhere can make their mark on the web.