BREAKING: .NEWS Domain Names Have Arrived

BREAKING: .NEWS Domain Names Have Arrived header image
New Domains


Ten year olds are on Meerkat. Your mom is Periscoping. That’s not an insult. It’s an actual thing. The gist is this: everyone is online and creating content but there are ways to stand out.

Be you, be credible and be one of the first to get a new .NEWS domain name.

Take your expertise and win the Internet by leading the online conversation. Turns out .NEWS isn’t only for news organizations. If you own a company, a .NEWS domain helps you cut through the noise. It’s the web address for those who’ve found their place online and want the world to know they’re a legitimate source for information.


It’s for the investigative journalist, the Internet observer, the modern Mark Twain worried we’re all swirling into an anti-intellectual tailspin. Your .NEWS domains work for the podcaster bursting with knowledge, those capturing a global audience, and those who are dedicated to their local community.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Individuals: Use .NEWS to start a new blog, create an online portfolio for your journalism career, link to your personal social media profiles.
  • Non-profits and small businesses: Create landing pages with updates on your latest special events, sales, news, etc., or forward the domain to your Facebook/Twitter pages.
  • Corporations: Use .NEWS as a home for your press releases, job postings, personnel updates, corporate blog, and more.
  • Entrepreneurs: Create the next Vox, Buzzfeed, or Gawker-like network, but brand the site with .NEWS instead of a generic domain.

There hasn’t been a better-timed domain extension since…ever. News is a vicious, churning cycle and now you can ride it to the front of the crowd. When you want to lead the conversation, get your new .NEWS from