Announcing some important updates to our Two-Step Verification feature

We recommend Two-Step Verification to everyone, as it’s the most fool-proof way of keeping the domains in your account secure – and it’s totally free. It’s especially important for people who have hundreds or even thousands of domains in their accounts, as they’re more likely to be targeted by bad dudes trying to hijack domains.

The basics of our Two-Step Verification process are still the same—create a unique credential for your account, and then use a smartphone app to generate unique login codes—and it remains a totally free feature for all customers. However, if you were previously using Namesafe we’ve made some changes that will require you to update your verification credentials by March 5, 2015 to keep your account secure.

On that date, we’ll no longer use Verisign for Two-Step Verification, and instead we’ll use Google Authenticator exclusively. So before that date, download the Google Authenticator App for mobile devices (available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry) or Authy (for mobile devices, as well as OSX, Windows, and Linux). Then go into your account and create a new Google Authenticator credential to replace your Verisign credential(s). Verisign credentials will be deleted on March 5, so if you don’t add new credentials before that date you’ll have a gap in Two-Step Verification coverage. customers have been requesting Google Authenticator credentials for a long time, and we’re happy to be able to provide it. We feel this is the most secure option for Two-Step Verification.

As always, contact our customer support team if you have any questions. You can give them a call at +1.720.249.2374 or send an email to