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There’s a lot going on with video right now. For one, it’s taken over the Internet. Just last Saturday Periscope turned the Pay-Per-View “Fight of the Century” into a free-for-all for anyone with a smart phone. Barely a year ago the Ice Bucket Challenge morphed everyone’s backyard into a set piece for fund raisers dousing themselves in cold water and, in turn, catapulted Facebook past YouTube in video views. Twitter offers video now, as does its offspring Vine, and we probably shouldn’t dismiss Snapchat and Facebook’s Instagram beast. Trying to tackle this trend is where your .VIDEO comes in.

funny ice bucket challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge

First, what are you going to do with a .VIDEO domain? A quick way to get started building your brand is posting regular video entries in a blog. It’s even easier with RapidPress, our one-click WordPress blog. PRO TIP: Those Periscopes and Vines need a place where they can be placed in context and easily shared!

Secondly, URL Forwarding is a super simple way to turn an unwieldy YouTube URL (or any other not-so-memorable web address) into www.ourcompany.video.

Finally, how about an SEO play? So you have a website like, say, Name.com. If you make a video, and want Google to recognize your video page, then you’ll create a folder like www.name.com/video. If you really want to make that sub-folder attractive for customers and crawlers alike, then you could go for a memorable vanity domain such as www.domainvideos.com IF IT WERE 1997.  But there’s a good chance it’s taken (or every expensive). However, with the New Domains–.VIDEO in particular–you can get a memorable domain for both people and computers.

Today, we present to you an actual living example in name.video.

We simply redirected it to our existing video page: www.name.com/blog/videos, which even our closest family members wouldn’t have bothered to remember.

If you’re investing in content, which from our experience is a good idea, then you need people to find it. Holy moly, it’s a .VIDEO. It’s 2015 and so many new domains are still available, all ready to tell the world what you do and where to find you.

Today is the last day for EAP .VIDEO registrations and Preorders. General Availability begins Wednesday, May 6, 2015.