Denver Startup Week is totally worth it

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We can’t take credit for all of the happiness you’re about to witness. There was beer—free beer. OK, we did the free part, but the beer was beer and we simply provided the fiscal inspiration to set it free. “Was it worth it?” the bean counters at the head office will ask? Was it worth it … why would you even ask that? Was it worth it? Pfft. 18,000 attendees and we’re right in the middle of it providing “Welcome to Denver” hugs. Let’s just break down its worthiness.


YouTube personality and Beme co-founder Casey Neistat ignited the record-setting attendance with an awesome talk about doing the things that you can’t. Yes, do what you can’t, an inspirational call to all of those overwhelmed by their dreams. It was at this event that he shared his humble beginnings up to his debut on YouTube. It was an auspicious moment marked by this hilarious video.


To be honest we didn’t do much on Tuesday. Really just prepped for Wednesday.


We dragged our supplies down the street to 1401 Lawrence and the law offices of Polsinelli. And if you’re a tech firm that’s proud of your office space, maybe don’t go to a high-powered law firm. They seem to be doing very well. This is where we held our DSW event Startup Stories as Told Through Dramatic Portrayals for the second year. CEOs and founders share their tales and then an improv troupe reenacted the narrative. It was hilarious as always.

Our improv actors recreate the startup story of Doyle Albee.

More Wednesday

After Startup Stories, we mobilized our remote entertainment team and met more Namers at the DSW Job Fair. To call this job fair a job fair is like calling the Academy Awards a backyard barbeque. This job fair is ridiculous. It’s three floors, each floor with its own deejay and complimentary bar. Half dozen volunteers manned a table and talked to more people than Target employees on Black Friday.

Oh, and there were jobs. As amazing as it was, there was also that special startup spin that inspired this tweet from one of our coworkers.

And it should be mentioned that we’re hiring a software engineer.


This was our coup de grâce. The final blow to a busy and exciting week. We invaded Woods Boss Brewery and bought the beverages for as long as our accounting department would allow. (Approx 200 beers, btw.) You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that we love these events. We met scores of people who are either customers or who want to be. Yes, we bought their affection.

We even allowed New York Giant fans.
Tell me you’re not mad you didn’t think of this.
This is the most women we’ve ever seen at a tech event.
A wooden coin. A happy patron.


After Thursday night we kind of needed to focus on work, hydrating, and preparing for Customer Service Week. Was it worth it? I can’t even. Of course it’s worth it.