Designers rejoice! Our Website Builder just got cooler and more customizable

Designers rejoice! Our Website Builder just got cooler and more customizable header image

Website designers out there, we’re about to make you very, very happy. Recent changes to the Business version of the Website Builder have made the platform even more convenient for you and your clients.

While there are tons of new features to explore, these are some of our favorite capabilities.

Sophisticated eCommerce solutions

Create a one-of-a-kind online store with the payment methods you prefer with our Store Builder.

Complete customization

You can now turn on the HTML/CSS editing feature for full control of your website’s code. Easily make changes to anything from templates to widgets.

Choose your workflow

Developers can make changes to their websites through the Website Builder’s in-app code editor or through the web design tools of their choice.

Integrate third-party apps

Introduce additional functionality to your website by integrating Dropbox, Google Fonts, Paypal, and more.

Offline capabilities

The Template Viewer tool allows developers to create templates without using an internet connection.

Client-friendly functionality

If you create websites for other clients, you can easily build the framework for drag and drop content, giving your clients more control over their website.

developer view screenshot

These changes are just the beginning of what this new and improved tool has to offer. If you already have the Business version of the Website Builder you can automatically take advantage of these new features. Or, upgrade your current Website Builder plan to start using these new capabilities on your website.