The diet is gone. Cheap domains are ON!

The diet is gone. Cheap domains are ON! header image

Every year we celebrate the professional American football championship (which we cannot say by name without an army of scary-efficient lawyers swooping down on us with cease and desist letters) with great zeal. This year is no different. Again, discounted domain names are on the menu, but this year we’d raised the steaks. No, no stakes. Not steaks. Oh, I’d love a steak.

In a bid to entertain the office and keep me alive past 50, I, Jared Ewy, was challenged to tackle the very restrictive Tom Brady diet. I avoided pretty much every single food and beverage I most enjoy up through now and as a reward, is dropping domain prices to as low as $0.50 this weekend! Our Touchdown TLD sale starts now and ends Sunday, Feb. 4 at 11:59 p.m. MST. Get a cheap domain and, if you have some money left over, maybe we go out for tacos. Cheesy, meaty tacos. And french fries.

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