Donuts-Rightside merger: What it means for customers

Donuts-Rightside merger: What it means for customers header image

Today, a deal was finalized for Donuts Inc. to acquire Rightside,’s parent company. So instead of being owned by Rightside, we’re now owned by Donuts. What does that mean for customers?

Not much will change, and that’s a good thing for you. The acquisition has no effect on any of the domains, products, or services you have at, or the tools you use to manage your account. Our goal under Donuts ownership continues to be to serve up the best user experience in the business. Having the support of Donuts only further helps us achieve our objectives.

That’s because Donuts and Rightside share similar “DNA”. Both companies have a shared vision for domains and online branding: helping individuals and companies embrace new ways to promote and enhance their digital identities.  Donuts is a major registry for new gTLDs; with the addition of all 40 of Rightside’s gTLDs (such as .LIVE, .GAMES, and .NEWS), Donuts’ portfolio will expand to a total of 238 gTLDs. A privately-held company, Donuts is well-funded, has been growing rapidly and is profitable; this financial stability means strong support for—and you, our customers.

So while our vision and day-to-day work at remain the same, we sure hope it means more donuts around the office.