Elections, domain names, and you. Yes, you.

Elections, domain names, and you. Yes, you. header image

In 2012 when Obama was reelected, two of my Republican friends set out to start a website. They wanted to build something big and shiny and fancy that would percolate and disseminate big ideas to dispirited friends of the GOP. But they never finished it. Their plans were so big and so awesome and soon their busy lives swept them away to other things.

So now here we are on the other side of another election. For some it’s an election that may find you wanting to speak louder than being curled into the fetal position will allow you.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

And before you poo poo this as pie-in-the-sky nonsense, just remember that even Beyonce, America’s closest thing to royalty, got the political stiff arm. Celebrities have been invited to quietly slink off the stage. And, from what we’ve witnessed, traditional media has lost its sway. Apparently you can have as much if not more influence than that of hundreds of newspapers.


We can help.

Get a domain name. No, really. Domains. Activists have domains. Successful people need domains. Good economies thrive on domains. Bad economies lean on domains.

Maybe you’re feeling triumphant and want to build on an initiative that rolled to victory. Maybe some ballot issue just went from hypothetical to actual law and you must let people know how to navigate the new world. Maybe the whole dang thing seems like a terrible, farty blimp of lies and bad ideas.

Do this. Get our easy Website Builder or Squarespace or maybe step up to WordPress (this blog is more about selling your voice than our products but we do have one-click setup for WordPress through RapidPress) or maybe just get a Facebook page and make it memorable with a cool short domain that forwards to it.

Here’s an example. It’s not always political, but www.JoeRogan.live redirects to his popular YouTube page. And JoeRogan.live is much more memorable than https://www.youtube.com/c/powerfuljre/live. Same page, two ways to get there. One is infinitely more navigable.

So put some thoughts together. Maybe a meme or two. Photos are good. Manifest your emotional state with a sweet mix of multimedia (or perhaps just some cathartic writing) and make sure people know how to get there with your amazing domain name. Besides, if you’re frustrated, it’s your destiny to build your presence. It’s your duty. It’s your right. It’s also therapeutic. Put social media to good use and go. Go start a movement. Get under someone’s skin–turn your slacktivism into action and move people.

Protect the kids, build the future, save the planet. It’s all up to you and we’re stoked that we can be a part of it.