Customer Highlight: Andrew Hyde Launches Inside Travel Guides


At, we’re lucky to have some very cool customers. We’re constantly seeing people build some amazing websites and apps, and we love to pass those things along.

Andrew Hyde recently launched Inside Travel Guides ( The beautifully-designed website offers simple $10 three-day guides that give the inside scoop on the best way to navigate a city. Hyde summarized his site as offering, “Short, simple guides written by travelers like you. Insider knowledge to make the most of short trips.”

We asked Andrew what inspired him to make Inside Travel Guides. He explained to us: “I spent three years traveling around the world and really loved to travel where a local was giving me their ‘perfect line’ to experience their city.”

Inside Travel Guide lives on the .CO domain extension. Hyde said he picked a .CO because, “You can get some amazing .CO domains.” He added, “The .CO organization supports and loves startups.”

Hyde has a great background in building things—especially in building things that help other people launch their ideas. He founded Startup Weekend (if it wasn’t for Startup Weekend, I wouldn’t be at!) and is also a former employee of the startup accelerator TechStars.

As for choosing as his domain registrar, Andrew said, “I love that is a Colorado company. Great user experience, and the support is fantastic for the rare times that you need them.”


Harvey Specter
Posted at 6:50 am March 24, 2014
JC Sahil

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