Batman, whiteboard art, and your daily dose of culture

In the dark of the night lurks a vigilante who fearlessly tackles the nasty bugs that customers may come across while browsing the site—Batman!

No seriously, we have a designated Batman. Our super talented dev crew takes turns donning the cloak for a few weeks at a time so they can focus on tackling any issues our customers may encounter while doing their domain and web service shopping.

If that’s not exciting enough, we also have an amazing lady named Bernice at who graces us with her artistic talents when she’s not too busy being total boss on our support team.


As we cycle though our many Batmans, Bernice creates incredible whiteboard art in their honor that hangs around the office until their tenure is done. Check out some of her latest masterpieces!

whiteboard art

Nick Salvadore as Batman.

whiteboard art

Pat Moroney as Batman.

whiteboard art

Pat Moroney again (Back to the Future style!)