Sara Bendrick from I Hate My Yard | The Web Address Ep. 5

Here’s how you get a television show: You send your resume to a network and then they go bonkers and immediately draw up a contract. Or at least that’s how it happened for Sara Bendrick, who in one year went from landscaper to the host of I Hate My Yard on the DIY network. Truth is, she’s a landscaper before anything else, yet now she has to add the title of Internet Marketer. Don’t we all? No matter what we’re doing or creating, we have to be able to hustle. It’s the truth in an information saturated media landscape. It’s also why she joins us on The Web Address. We’re going to talk to Bendrick and her hired help (and customer) Ashley “Networking Queen” Kingsley about what they plan to do to grow the popularity of her show. The DIY network has left it up to her (apparently they really live up to the Do-It-Yourself name) and we’re going to follow the show’s online growth.

We also talk about a lot of other things, like tips for an awesome yard and how power tools can make you more beautiful. AND ERIK IS BACK in the street committing more random acts of kindness. It’s a huge bonus episode of The Web Address. Here’s the breakdown.

Table of Contents

1:05  Meme of the Week

2:07 Random Acts of Kindness

4:38 Meet Sara Bendrick

10:05 Ashley Kingsley on making Sara the Bieber of Backyards

17:30 What you can DIY to make your yard awesome

19:29 Know your Internet presence

22:47 Sara Bendrick and The New Hotness