How to create great content for your website

How to create great content for your website header image

Your website may have intuitive design, a flawless user experience, and compelling imagery—but at the end of the day, none of that matters if you’re lacking one very important thing: great content.’s Content Manager Ethan Conley and I recently sat down to talk about what it takes to create an incredible content strategy for your website.

If you don’t feel like watching the video, this pretty much sums it up:

Don’t get too caught up in being quirky

It’s great to have personality, but unless you’re providing helpful or entertaining content alongside it, personality alone isn’t going to get you far. Content should exist for a reason, so if it’s not going to be worth someone’s while to watch or read your content, reconsider whether it should be put on your site.

Let your visitors know where and when they can expect content

Producing content regularly will keep your visitors coming back and can help you build a solid relationship with the people visiting your website. Use a content calendar to create (and stick to) a regular schedule when posting content.

Persistence is key

You’re not going to engage every single visitor with every single piece of content—that’s the sad truth. What you can do, however, is consistently come up with new material that your visitors may find useful. Doing so allows you to build a great relationship with your customers, so when the time comes that they do need your services, they’ll know exactly who they can go to. If you create content that people care about, they will continue to trust you and be interested in what you have to say.

Don’t be gross

As MailChimp often says to their user base, don’t be gross. And we don’t mean this in an icky way—more like be aware of the content you’re sending out. You don’t want to be invasive and bombard your visitors with sales pitches or content that they will not find useful. Instead, be respectful and considerate of your visitors’ time and only offer content that you truly stand behind as an individual or business.

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