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January 12, 2024

How to Set Up a Domain Reseller Account

Domain reselling through your platform comes with a wealth of benefits. Perhaps most significantly, it allows you to target an audience of 60 million potential domain shoppers each month, thereby increasing your potential revenue.

How to Set Up a Domain Reseller Account: A Step-by-Step Guide for API Integration 

Domain reselling through your platform comes with a wealth of benefits. Perhaps most significantly, it allows you to target an audience of 60 million potential domain shoppers each month, thereby increasing your potential revenue.

A custom application programming interface (API) is the most streamlined option for incorporating domain services into your existing platform. Fortunately, with some up-front effort, technical knowledge, and this step-by-step guide, you can build an API infrastructure that supports full scalability and customization.

What Are Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)?

Application Programming Interfaces are software tools that connect two different programs. A domain reselling API connects your platform to your domain registrar’s platform, allowing you to access their domain services infrastructure., an Identity Digital company, offers a RESTful API that enables you to build a custom domain sales engine that:

  • Meets your exact specifications (including pricing specifications)
  • Allows customers to manage domain registration within your platform’s interface

What Are the Benefits of an API Integration?

APIs can automate several aspects of the domain registration process, allowing customers to find and register domain names easily. Additionally, since you control the interface, you can create a customer experience that fully aligns with your brand and supports your unique audience. 

Once you have this infrastructure, you can benefit from long-term recurring revenue through domain purchases and renewals. And, because APIs facilitate a connection between two different programs, they’re designed with robust authentication mechanisms that help protect your customers’ data. 

What Are the Prerequisites For Becoming a Domain Reseller Through an API Integration?

Anyone can become a domain reseller once they request API access, agree to the domain registrar’s terms, and create an account. However, implementing an API does involve some technical knowledge and resources. 

In particular, you’ll need a functioning platform to host the domain services and integrate with the API, plus developers who can oversee API configuration and management.

How to Register As a Domain Reseller on 

Here are the basic steps for getting started with domain reselling through

Step 1. Create a Reseller Account

You’ll use your reseller account as a central hub to manage your API access. To create an account, navigate to the Domain Reseller Program page and find the API option, then choose “Start with an API token.” Click “Create your account” and follow the prompts to complete your account setup.

Step 2. Generate an API Token

Once you have an API token, you can start coding and testing the API within your platform. Under the “Professionals” header at the bottom of the page, click “ API for Resellers.” Then, click “Start with an API token” to review and accept the API Access Agreement.

Enter a name for your token and click “Generate new token” to gain access to one token for testing and another for implementing the API. You can create additional tokens by going through the same process. 

You can also restrict API access to specific IP addresses by listing approved IP addresses and clicking the ‘Whitelist IP’ button. After completing these steps, you’ll be ready to access the API and start seamlessly incorporating domain services into your platform.

Step 3. Build a Domain Storefront on Your Platform

Once provides you with an API token, you become responsible for designing the interface your customers will use to access domain services on your site. 

When building the storefront, determine where you want to position domain services in the purchase flow. Consider using your custom storefront to highlight different features and adjust the interface design to align with your brand.  

Troubleshooting API Integration Issues

API integration is a technical process, so you may encounter some issues. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for troubleshooting your API:

  • Start with a code review – Review your code and log documentation for any syntax errors or typos.
  • Verify authentication – Confirm that you’re using the correct credentials to authenticate API access.
  • Handle errors – Carefully review error messages and related details to interpret issues and remove bugs.
  • Seek support – If you can’t resolve the issue, contact the API provider’s support team or developer community for additional guidance.

Explore API Integration with

Integrating a domain reselling API into your platform allows you to automate and streamline your operations while giving you access to a new revenue stream that supports your core offerings. Additionally, an API can maximize your revenue potential by building a convenient, frictionless experience that effortlessly guides your customers through the purchase flow. 

If you want to learn more about integrating a domain reselling API into your platform, Contact the team today.


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