Video tutorial: How to set up URL forwarding at

URL forwarding is one of the most practical and useful domain tools available, and with New TLDs coming soon, it’s about to be more useful than ever. If you’ve got an existing web presence and you want to bolster it with New TLDs, you’ll want to get familiar with URL forwarding.

For instance, let’s say you’ve got a great YouTube channel. You could brand your channel with a memorable domain that takes advantage of a new extension like .VIDEO, .MOVIE, or .VIDEO.

Or what if you’re looking for a new job, and you want to add an extra layer of legitimacy to your LinkedIn profile? Sounds like you’re a perfect candidate for .ENGINEER, .LAWYER, .ACCOUNTANT, or the dozens of other profession-based New TLDs.

Click here for a few ideas for URL forwarding (aliases for long URLs, moving to a new domain, etc.), and then watch the video below as Jared Ewy guides you through the process.

Speaking of New TLDs, if you want to stay up to date on the latest developments, sign up for’s New TLD watcher. You pick the extensions you want to follow, and we’ll send periodic email updates.


Harvey Specter
Posted at 6:31 pm November 4, 2013
Mark C.

I will suggest you host your own video or learn if there is way to manage YouTube output/suggestions. After watching the URL forwarding video, at the end there are links to other videos on YouTube featuring your competition such as Go Daddy and “How to make $200 a day flipping domain names”. Not so good in my opinion.