5 best content marketing ideas of all time to grow your business


Getting your content to stand out online is one of the hardest marketing things to do. There are millions of websites and blog posts published each day, all vying for the attention of the billions of people browsing the Internet. We’ve done research into what makes people click to a website, stay on a website, and ultimately make a purchase. We’re not going to keep the tips and tricks we’ve learned a secret because our goal is to see your business thrive. Below are what we consider the 5 best content marketing ideas to grow your business:

1. Focus on quality over quantity. This may sound cliché, but you should be focusing on the quality of your content over the quantity of content you produce. Creating quality content is important because it is shareable and makes you or your business even more trustworthy. When you do your homework while writing an article, it shows. Instead of trying to create 5 low quality posts that you think might become viral, invest your time in creating a single quality post that you can market into a viral hit.

2. Find the gap in your market, and pounce. Do research to find blogs and websites similar to yours. When researching, look for what other similar blogs or websites aren’t doing well. That is your opportunity to exploit their weakness to make your content more successful. By taking advantage of your competition’s content shortcomings, you can grow your blog and make your business more credible, which will ultimately lead to your business growing. This will help you build your own persona, as well as lead to a firm decision on the content niche you’re setting out to dominate.

3. Write about the future of your industry. This is a content strategy that is very rarely used, but often proves to be wildly successful. People love to see how their industry is preparing to expand or change; it’s both inspiring and interesting. Another huge advantage of writing predictions about the future of your industry is that you come off as a knowledgeable and authoritative person or company.

4. Create slide decks, put them on Slideshare, and embed them in your blog. This is something that we’ve just started doing here at Name.com and we have seen fantastic results. We’ve been creating business and marketing related slide decks specifically for posting on Slideshare. We put embedded links to our site and blog in the slide decks and have seen those visits convert into sales. We think we’ve stumbled on a great strategy that isn’t too widely used yet.

5. Get better images for your blog or website. Low-quality or stock images make people bounce from your site, fast. They can also make your site look somewhat sketchy, cheap, and less trustworthy. Investing in quality images is an easy way to make your blog posts or website pages better. One of the best things you can do is create your own images, add a small watermark, and encourage visitors to share the image.