How to Take Better Pictures | The Web Address Ep. 7

It’s all about the picture. It’s not that people don’t want to read (well, not always), it’s that people don’t have the time to read. Besides, what attracts you more: an intriguing photo or a huge clump of words? Right. That’s why I’ll keep this description to a minimum.

This week’s Web Address features Craig Walker, two-time Pulitzer Prize photographer from the Denver Post. He’s shared stories from around the world with pictures that have truly touched the lives of millions. He joins us to help you get a better photo.

In keeping things short and catchy, here’s the table of contents for The Web Address:

00:43 The Meme of the Week gets political

02:26 We welcome Craig Walker of the Denver Post

05:21 Craig Walker dispenses the basics on great photography

06:02 Basic Rules of Photo Composition: The Rule of Thirds

09:40 Basic Rules of Photo Composition: Lines and Patterns

12:10 Basic Rules of Photo Composition: Balance

15:57 Basic Rules of Photo Composition: Being There

17:37 Game Sensation, Know Your Internet Presence (with a trophy)