January 12, 2024

Is Domain Reselling Right for My Business?

In a digital world where online presence is paramount, successful businesses constantly explore new avenues to expand their digital offerings and revenue streams. One such avenue is domain reselling. With a potential market of 60 million monthly domain name shoppers, domain reselling is quickly emerging as a growth opportunity for innovative businesses.

Is Domain Reselling Right for My Business?

In a digital world where online presence is paramount, successful businesses constantly explore new avenues to expand their digital offerings and revenue streams. One such avenue is domain reselling. With a potential market of 60 million monthly domain name shoppers, domain reselling is quickly emerging as a growth opportunity for innovative businesses.

By positioning domain services alongside their current product offerings, digital platforms can take advantage of this lucrative market while creating a more engaging customer experience. Ultimately, this helps drive additional conversions and boost customer stickiness. 

This begs the question, is domain reselling right for your business?

Explore which types of businesses have the greatest potential to thrive as domain resellers to determine whether yours is a good candidate. 

What Is Domain Reselling and How Does it Work?

Domain reselling is the process of providing an accredited registrar’s domain services on another platform. Resellers can use an up-front purchase model to purchase domain names from a registrar and resell them to their audience, or they can use an integrated reselling strategy. 

With integrated domain reselling, platforms can incorporate domain services directly into their existing interface, offering their customers a full range of domain services without the upfront investment of buying domain names to resell. Doing so incentivizes customers who find the perfect domain to purchase it on your platform, then stick around to secure it in the long run. 

What Are the Benefits of Domain Reselling? 

Exploring the core benefits of becoming a domain reseller can help determine if the process would support your long-term business goals. Key advantages include:

Differentiating Yourself from Competitor Businesses

Integrating add-on services within your platform can increase your value proposition and distinguish your brand from competitors. By expanding your product offerings with relevant domain name options, you can offer an elevated, comprehensive experience that outshines other options in your sector. 

Offering Customers an All-in-One Solution

Customers who use domain services within your platform can enjoy a more engaged, consistent experience. Instead of navigating to a third-party provider and encountering many new pain points just to purchase a domain name, they can remain on your interface and fulfill their needs with your all-in-one solution. When you integrate Identity Digital’s reseller products, we automate that process and help significantly reduce customer support issues.

Enhancing Conversions with Compelling Domains

When users find a domain name that aligns with their brand or personal vision, it creates a meaningful association. This link is a key factor in increasing conversions. Users who discover a domain they genuinely love are likelier to commit to your platform for their online journey. The seamless integration of a captivating domain into their brand story becomes a subtle yet powerful catalyst for improving conversions on your platform.

Building Revenue Diversification 

Domain resellers can build revenue in two ways: 

  • They can make money off of domain sales and renewals themselves
  • They can use domain names as an incentive for customers to upgrade from free to paid memberships

Additionally, registrars often offer a tiered pricing system that gives you better base pricing as you increase domain sales, allowing for effortless scalability. Once can create additional revenue per account when you sell domain registrations. And with an API integration, you’ll get yearly domain renewal revenue too.

Enhancing Customer Engagement, Loyalty, and Retention

By becoming a domain name provider for your customers, you can directly link your brand to theirs. After all, domain names are a valuable digital asset that customers often use to build and maintain digital identities for years. 

Boosting Customer Stickiness

Selling domain services has the unique potential to enhance customer stickiness for your platform by creating a personalized and enduring connection. When customers find and register a domain that resonates with their brand or identity, it becomes a significant part of their online presence. This personal attachment acts as a powerful incentive for customers to remain loyal to the platform, as the thought of parting with a domain that holds sentimental value becomes a deterrent. 

Offer and Access the Largest Domain Portfolio

Serve the right domain to the right person, ensuring your customers never have to settle for a less-than-great website address. Identity Digital has access to the largest domain portfolio.

With a seamlessly integrated platform, you can engage customers on a deeper level and encourage long-term retention.

Who Should Consider Becoming a Domain Reseller?

Domain name services have broad appeal. In fact, anyone can enhance their business offerings by becoming a domain reseller. Here are some examples of businesses closely aligned with domain name services:

SasS and Technology Platforms 

SaaS platforms use the internet to provide customer software services, making them uniquely suited to facilitate domain registrations. Since customers are already using a web-based service, they can then easily link a domain name to that existing website and service

Creator Platforms

Creator platforms are designed to help customers establish a branded presence online. By becoming domain resellers, these platforms connect their customers with custom domain names that can:

  • Enhance their existing online creation toolkit 
  • Help them stand out from other creators 

Small Business and Startup Enablers 

Entrepreneurs often rely on web enablers to start building their brands online. Platforms that support small businesses in this way can likewise support each business’s digital branding efforts by selling and managing unique domain names.

Industry Niche Platforms

Platforms that target a specific niche can use tailored domain name services to provide highly specialized assets to their audiences. For instance, if a platform is geared toward sports training specifically, it can further target those vendors by offering unique domain name extensions, such as: 

Website Builders 

Registering a domain name is one of the first steps involved with launching a website, so it’s critical for website builders to incorporate this service into their workflows. As domain resellers, these platforms can provide their customers with a seamless way to kickstart the launch of their websites.

And, Virtually Anyone! 

There aren’t any set requirements for becoming a domain reseller, so technically, anyone can start a reselling venture. 

Because domain reselling has a low barrier to entry, both solopreneurs and established businesses alike can use it as a growth opportunity with minimal up-front investment.

Getting Started with Domain Reselling

In an increasingly digital world, individual digital identities are becoming extremely valuable. And, with 431.8 million domain names registered in 2022 and a projected 745.5 million domain names registered by 2030, it’s clear that there’s a massive market of potential registrants looking for a convenient way to get started. 

By considering how domain reselling can bolster your product strategy, you can create an end-to-end experience that enhances your platform’s value, introduces new revenue streams, and contributes to a more engaging customer experience. 

Learn more about how domain reselling can align with your business’s mission by contacting the team at, an Identity Digital Company.


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