Name.Gives, 5 Years of Donating Locally and Globally

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Five years ago we launched Name.Gives, our company-wide philanthropy program. Every quarter the team at donates cash, services, domains, and volunteer time to organizations nominated by the good folks that work here.

To date, we’ve given away over $50,000 to worthwhile nonprofits that have helped teenagers build electric cars, provided resources for homeless shelters, helped save a local Denver food bank from closing, built accessible playgrounds, donated to Colorado Wildfire Recovery, and so much more.

Our employees have also given their time volunteering for amazing non-profit organizations like building houses with Habitat for Humanity, providing healthy meals for those in need through Project Angel Heart, playing music for children with Inside the Orchestra, and cleaning up local waterways.

Ryan and Sheryl from pack meals at Project Angel Heart
Ryan and Sheryl from pack meals at Project Angel Heart is proud to be based in Denver, Colorado, USA and part of our giving program is designed to keep our donations local. We’ve helped the Denver Zine Library cover their rent for several months, kept the shelves stocked at local food banks like Metro Caring and Community Ministry, and supported local LGBTQ+ youth through The Center and Joy as Resistance.

Name.Gives isn’t just for the local community either, we’ve also donated to organizations in far-flung areas of the globe. Some of our funds have been used to help care for animals at the St Lucia Animal Protection Society, build housing at Puʻuhonua O Waiʻanae village in Hawaii, provide services in Ecuador through From Roots to Wings, and support education for girls through Friends of Guéoul in Senegal.  Every organization we’ve helped was brought forward by one of our employees who cares and wants to support that institution. 

We’re closing out 2022 and reflecting with gratitude that we’ve had the opportunity to support so many impactful nonprofit organizations over the past 5 years, and we’re especially thankful that Identity Digital is such a strong partner in our giving. We can’t wait to continue 2023 with more donations, more volunteering opportunities, and more impactful giving.

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