Need some help? Check out these 4 customer support resources

Need some help? Check out these 4 customer support resources header image

Setting up and maintaining your websites and domains isn’t always easy. But if you find yourself stuck, there are a number of resources available at that can help you find a solution quickly. Here are some of the best resources for troubleshooting a problem.

Check out our Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a treasure trove of helpful articles and tutorials. This should be your first stop when trying to resolve a domain or website issue. The Knowledge Base is divided into easy to follow categories so you can pinpoint the information you need. From questions about domain transfers to FTP troubleshooting, all of the most common user questions are included in this helpful guide.

Watch a tutorial on YouTube

If you prefer to learn by video, you’re in luck. Our customer support agent Jonny recently started creating easy-to-follow video tutorials that cover an array of commonly asked questions. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for more of these helpful tutorials in the months to come. And once you find the information you’re looking for, stick around for a while—we’ve got hundreds of other videos that you’ll want to see.

Browse the blog

What are the different type of DNS records and what do they do? What are the best ways to save money at How do you create a subdomain for your website? We answer these questions and more on the Blog, which is filled with tutorials, promo codes, and domain news. You can even sign up for our weekly blog digest to get tips and tricks delivered straight to your inbox.

And if none of that works, reach out to our support team

We have a customer support team full of smart, friendly people who are here to help you out. If you still can’t troubleshoot or resolve your issue on your own, you can reach out to them for further assistance.

No matter what difficulties you may face while setting up your website, has tons of helpful resources at your disposal.