.NEWS: Creating a new era of content

.news: creating a new era of content

The internet has brought about a new era of technology, creating dramatic changes in the way we share and receive information. Now, anyone with a smartphone can become a blogger or journalist, sharing information with people around the world. But with all the noise this larger community creates, bloggers and traditional news sources are fighting an uphill battle to be heard.

Just as journalists have done throughout history, content creators who want to survive online must adapt to changing times. News providers need a way to stand out among their online competitors and establish themselves as credible sources of information to draw in a loyal audience. That’s why we’re excited about the .NEWS domain: It poses the opportunity to create an online community of likeminded individuals who share valuable information.

Hundreds of websites have already started using .NEWS domains, either as a primary URL or as a simple way to send visitors to a relevant page on an existing site. Fetch.news is a directory for another 175 other .NEWS websites—with topics that range from the upcoming U.S. presidential election to women’s health. And Russian website rodinia.news already has over 233,000 pages indexed on Google, despite its recent inception.

An impressive roster of Fortune 500 companies have purchased .NEWS domains as well, which are beginning to emerge for mainstream use. Paramount.news directs users to the film typhoon’s news and social media feed, and the Los Angeles Times uses latimes.news as a shortcut to its local news section. Other notable companies with registered .NEWS domains include Google, Yahoo, Starbucks, and Apple.

The Future of News

In an effort to share insight into the rapidly changing environment of news organizations, Rightside has started an exciting new project called the Future of News.

Through short videos, the site explores innovators in the news industry who are shaping the future of journalism. From Evan Smith of The Texas Tribune to the humanitarian founders of RYOT News, Bryn and Molly, the website offers perspectives from individuals who are rethinking the way we share and receive content.

You can watch the first two episodes below.

Let your voice be heard online. With a .NEWS domain name, you can become a part of the new era of content creation. And to make it easier than ever to share your stories online, .NEWS domains are just $9.99 until the end of September!


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