.NYC has arrived. Get one today, New Yorkers.

.NYC has arrived. Get one today, New Yorkers. header image

If you’re in one of the Five Boroughs, the day has finally come. Starting today you can register your very own .NYC domain name, whether it’s for personal use, a business, or an organization. It’s your opportunity to show the online world that you’re a proud New Yorker.

As part of today’s .NYC launch, we’re joining up with Neustar (the .NYC registry) to sponsor a Name.com/.NYC-themed cab that will be giving complimentary rides throughout Queens. Name.com’s Jared Ewy will be there too, helping people register .NYC domain names and promoting all sorts of .NYC goodness.

IMG_1586Ready to register your .NYC domain name?

Maybe you want to add some New York City branding to your personal website. Maybe you want your business to have a specific New York identity, or you simply want to let people know that you have a New York location. No matter the purpose, a .NYC domain name shows everyone that you’re proud to be part of one of the world’s greatest cities.