Our best videos of 2016

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This year we produced and shared over 200 videos across multiple platforms. Some were 6-second scare videos shared in typical Vine format, while others involved hours of shooting, editing, and the indefatigable acting talent of anyone who works here. It would take you a while to get through all of them, so we’ve asked the Name.com staff to pick their favorites.

Listed in chronological order are some of our favorite videos of they year—and we think you’ll like them, too. Or that’s always the hope. Besides, it’s a great way to kill some time while silently judging us. Or loudly. We appreciate any feedback.

December 2015

How to Load a Dishwasher—This was inspired by the real-life struggle of our facility manager’s endless battle of getting people to load the office dishwasher correctly.

January 2016

A short yet important ski safety PSA—This unfortunate event was actually lived (barely) by an unnamed employee doing tricks on the slopes.



Be smart. Be savvy. BE Karl Mecklenburg—Karl Mecklenberg is a former Denver Bronco standout and a local legend. In this video, we bring him into the office to show off his knowledge of domain names. And to throw Nick. Both were of great value to the team.


Brian Dillon Domain Artist—Our Domain Makeover Artist™, Brian Dillon, is no longer with us. I mean, he’s alive, he just moved and this is all we have left to remember him by.


Drone Domain Delivery—Amazon gets all the credit for their drone delivery, but we’ve been on the cutting edge for some time now. Also, it was April 1st.

April 20

Sharing domains and snacks at 420 rally in Denver—Weed is legal here.

Still in April

We’ve been locked out of our Instagram—The time we were locked out of our Instagram account and Allison—who’s one of the best dressers we know—made a sacrifice for the team. In her words:

still embarassing



Renting our office on AirBnb—As we emerged from a long winter in an office with actual heat, we knew what we had to do: create a new revenue stream.


Cardboard Boss. The best.—Sure, she deserves a vacation every now and again, but we missed Shannon. At least until we used science to build a new, more approving version of our boss.


Pokemon at Work—Pokemon invaded. We had to respond.


People should know what you host! (kind of gruesome)—What are you hosting? That really wasn’t the question. Radix registry asked us to enter a video contest about their .HOST domain names. We chose a different path.



We’re hiring. Here’s our crib—Not sure if the armed forces could use something like this, but this really is a crowning achievement in recruitment videos.


Using ASL to communicate at work—Not sure what happened in August. But September was big. This video went crazy viral on Facebook.


A transfer special so good it’s scary—The acting. If anything, just appreciate the incredible acting from “Sparkly Fox,” a.k.a. Kristen. It helps if you’ve watched Stranger Things on Netflix.


The greatest Cyber Monday story ever told—This would have never been a thing had we not heard Juan in customer support speak Spanish. I mean, listen to this narration. He sounds like an even better Most Interesting Man in the World.


Still November

A short compilation of our best Vine videos—This is much of what happened in August actually, but in November, when we heard Vine was shutting down, we made some montages.



Singing the praises of an easier Internet—We hope to make getting online in 2017 as easy as it should be.