Possibly the greatest collaboration since PB&J: TwitchCon and .GAMES

Possibly the greatest collaboration since PB&J: TwitchCon and .GAMES header image

Alright, I’m gonna clue you in on the next best domain extension that’s about to embark on its journey across the internet. This is not your average domain extension because it’s all fun and games. That’s right people, .GAMES will be released for general registration on Sept. 21st. Can’t wait that long? Fear no more and hath no worry, you can pre-register your .GAMES domain right now.


In honor of the launch of .GAMES, “Name.com guy” Jared Ewy and I are packing our bags for TwitchCon from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2 to get all you gamers attending up to speed. The .GAMES domain will give the gaming industry a creative and unique branding tool to promote upcoming game and console releases, a place for gamer forums, and even a specific domain for live stream gaming events like TwitchCon.


We’ll be meeting with TwitchCon broadcasters and developers to discuss the .GAMES domain and upcoming game releases. Over the course of three days, attendees will partake in panels to discuss building your brand, growing fan bases, getting sponsored, and even a Cosplay contest (flashback to our office Cosplay Day).


.GAMES is a great fit for a variety of markets, from online and offline video games, to team sports, to classic board games, to casino gaming and more. Just like your gamer tag, domains help express identity. So, why not be a #trendsetter by pre-registering your .GAMES domain before someone else snags your gaming identity. Put your brand on the leaderboard.

P.S., if any of you are planning to attend TwitchCon or know of great taco places in San Diego, hit us up on Twitter!