Forget Rick-rolling … Rebecca-rolling is our favorite Friday prank

Forget Rick-rolling … Rebecca-rolling is our favorite Friday prank header image

You all have heard about Rick-rolling, right? That prank where you send a disguised hyperlink to a friend or coworker under the guise that it’s something important only to treat them, instead, to the dulcet tones of Rick Astley? Well that’s so last year. Rebecca-rolling—a phenomenon that’s sweeping the office— is the best new way to prank your coworkers and bring on the weekend.

What is Rebecca-rolling, you might ask? It’s pretty much the same idea as Rick-rolling, but it must be done at the end of the week and link to the infamous music video for “Friday” by Rebecca Black. Countless employees have already fallen victim to this prank on numerous occasions.

Whether that’s through fake dev testing…

Fake dev testing

Phony health remedies…

 Or kitchen surveys that aren’t really kitchen surveys…

And the worst part? After a while, “Friday” starts to get, well, kind of catchy.

Rebecca-rolling part 1

Rebecca-rolling part 2

But in all honesty, it could be worse. At least we’re not linking to this song every time we want to prank the office.





(Sorry, couldn’t resist. Happy Friday!)