Rembrandt: Social media branding made easy

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Social Media

Have you ever created a new brand only to find that social media handles of the same name were already taken? Not a fun experience.

If you’re very ambitious, you might check ahead of time to make sure your brand name is available across all platforms. While we give you serious props for that, there are likely more valuable ways to use your time than jumping from social platform to social platform, trying out different handles. But we have some good news: There’s a tool that will handle social media branding for you.

Introducing Rembrandt, a Chrome extension that checks brand name availability on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest when you search for a domain on

chrome store screenshot

All you have to do is navigate to the Chrome store and head on over to the Rembrandt page. Once the extension is added, social media availability will show up every time you search for a domain name on in a Chrome browser.

extension screenshot

Pretty cool, right? And fun fact: Zach, the extension’s developer, used to work with us here at!

So simplify your life. Head over to the Chrome store and add the extension for faster, better branding.