Super Corporate Blog Post: We joined the NASDAQ with Rightside

Super Corporate Blog Post: We joined the NASDAQ with Rightside header image


As many of you may know, we were acquired by Demand Media back in January 2013. This was exciting for us (and you!) because it meant we received access to a plethora of new resources to grow and make the awesome experience even more, well, awesome! On Friday, after several months of hard work, our time at Demand Media ended and we officially spun off to join a newly formed company called Rightside.

This is seriously cool news because it means that you can now find us listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol NAME. You can read more about us being publicly traded all over the internet, like in this article in The Seattle Times.

But don’t worry, just because we’re listed on the NASDAQ doesn’t mean we’re going to become some super corporate and boring company. It simply means we have the opportunity to better position to grow with our customers and support your ideas and businesses in new ways. We can do things like transform our already legendary support team into a new super-mega legendary customer support dream team.

This past year has been awesome for We’ve released things like the new Website Builder, an updated SSL flow, a new email product, and released countless New Domains. So far we’ve released 228 New Domains. We’ve had some other exciting developments too – the team have added 8 new babies (yes actual human childs) to the world, adopted 2 kitty cats, and even one puppy!

To prove that we’re not going to go all corporate on you and drink NASDAQuiri’s, we made this very corporate video: