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October 12, 2022

The best email and website products for your business

The internet can be a lot. A lot of this, a whole lot of that. It can be confusing to understand where you fit in the great web cosmos, and that’s understandable.  Now, you may be thinking “I am the web cosmos, all the digital world is my landscape and I am the grand harbinger […]

The internet can be a lot. A lot of this, a whole lot of that. It can be confusing to understand where you fit in the great web cosmos, and that’s understandable. 

Now, you may be thinking “I am the web cosmos, all the digital world is my landscape and I am the grand harbinger of content.” That’s great too! No matter where you sit on the scale of pixels, we have a product that makes your idea, project, or hobby much easier to bring to reality. 

For teams: Google Workspace

Say you’ve got a company. Now that company probably has a team of humans making it run. That team needs to communicate, collaborate, set tasks, calculate calculations and create all sorts of beautiful content that needs to be stored somewhere. 

That’s where Google Workspace comes in. Google Workspace is a collaboration mecca. With Business Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Tasks, Calendar, Meet, and Drive, your team will be collaborating so effectively you’ll think they were all raised together in a tiny shed in the woods. They’ll bond, and start outputting so much work you’ll think you just invented a new energy source. 

Oh wait, that’s just human power, and it’s been around since humans stumbled out of caves into the light and now you’re just harnessing it to its fullest potential. Powered by you, fueled by Google Workspace. Perfect for businesses of all sizes, and teams of all talents.

And when you bundle a domain with Google Workspace at, not only do you get the product for 50% off, but you also get the domain for free.


For a lean, mean inbox: Titan Email

Titan email is the new kid on the block, and for a limited time you can try it free for 90 days. It’s equipped with all of the features you’d expect from a high quality email product, delivered with pizzazz and grace. Titan email provides guaranteed email delivery, advanced security, responsive web and mobile applications, as well as dedicated support. Suitable for all levels of web mastery and business savvy, it is simple, powerful, and guaranteed to hit a home run at the neighborhood wiffle ball game. It looks great, and performs even better.


Hosting products

Now, we’ve got a variety of hosting packages to choose from, and depending on the complexity of your web project, you’ll want to dig a little deeper to see what fits your needs. 

For everyone. Literally everyone: WordPress Hosting

If you’re thinking, “There are way too many options, I just want to publish cake recipes,” that’s great. WordPress Hosting is perfect for you. No matter your skill or experience level, WordPress is simple, fast, and easy to use, so you can get your ideas, message, or content out there pronto. 

We have one simple, affordable WordPress plan available that fits just about everyone. And it comes with all sorts of groovy perks like one-click installation, unlimited storage, and more. 


For simple websites projects, databases, and just general sandboxing: Web Hosting

With Web Hosting, manages the boring or technical stuff that comes with hosting—maintenance, updates, etc. That means you get to focus on building your site, without the hassle of keeping your hosting up and running. Web Hosting is ideal for building custom sites, but it’s also perfect for someone just getting into the web game. If you’re learning HTML/CSS and need a sandbox to play in, Web Hosting is for you.. But, with the different levels of plans to choose from, this is suitable for experts as well. offers Personal, Premium and Business Web Hosting plans. Each plan comes with a free SSL certificate, personalized email, 99.9% uptime guaranteed, cPanel, 1-click setup for WordPress, FTP access, and free automated backups. What differentiates the plans from each other is the number of websites hosted, and email addresses provided. If you have a shiny new business, or are a hobbyist that just needs to get started, the personal plan comes with one website and 100 email accounts. The next tier in Premium offers 25 websites and unlimited emails, while the Business account offers unlimited websites and emails. Build away! 


For experts: Cloud Hosting with DigitalOcean

The final and fanciest option we provide is Cloud Hosting, powered by DigitalOcean. Hosting in the cloud! If your projects are complex, like really complex, and there’s a lot of them, then this just might be your option. DigitalOcean lets you build it in the cloud with Basic Droplets. Pre-configured DNS templates and 1-click installs allow you to start building ASAP. Billing is monthly, and based on the size of your droplet, ranging from 25GB to a whopping 320GB.

If the previous paragraph is at all unfamiliar to you, Cloud hosting probably isn’t the right option. It’s a pretty advanced product, and definitely not for the uninitiated.


Get the right product mix, all in one place.

At, not only are we providing an easy and effective way to discover your perfect domain name, we are also making it simple to combine that name with best-in-class products, all under the same roof. Manage your services on one platform so you can get your web projects up and running quickly. Whether it is a passion project, your bread and butter, or just a hobby to keep you busy, has what you need, and the support to help you succeed.


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