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March 21, 2024

Titan Email Pricing: Affordable Business Email Solutions (Updated 2024)

Email is one of the primary channels for businesses to communicate online, whether to respond to customer inquiries or coordinate vendor orders. While basic email accounts can fulfill the need of a small business to exchange messages back and forth, professional email accounts with more advanced services can transform the way businesses represent themselves to stakeholders.

Titan Email Pricing: Affordable Email Solutions for Businesses

Email is one of the primary channels for businesses to communicate online, whether to respond to customer inquiries or coordinate vendor orders. While basic email accounts can fulfill the need of a small business to exchange messages back and forth, professional email accounts with more advanced services can transform the way businesses represent themselves to stakeholders. 

Titan email, in particular, provides you with the online infrastructure you need to connect with customers, strengthen your branding, and enhance each message with your company’s digital identity. 

Breaking down the pricing and features of Titan’s powerful email plans is the first step to securing an affordable, streamlined communication system for your business.

Pricing subject to change

What is Titan email?

As a professional email platform, Titan provides affordable productivity and communication tools for business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to establish a consistent digital image and email experience. Titan email also allows you to create email addresses branded with your unique domain name, supporting your company’s brand recognition and overall memorability. 

You can create multiple email accounts and email addresses for different departments or individuals within your business, or get started with one Titan email account and branded email address to represent your business as a whole.

Beyond the professional image of having a domain-based email address, Titan email service can enhance your business communications with functional features like:

  • Custom templates
  • Read receipts
  • Smart filters for your inbox

Additionally, Titan email service has robust email security features and advanced security measures to lock down your email data and an email delivery system with reliable uptime to ensure that your most critical business communications reach their destinations. 

By pairing a powerful internal email engine with polished, domain-specific branding, a Titan email account gives business owners the tools they need to drive productivity and build professional relationships. 

How does the Titan email pricing structure work?

Titan mail is designed to integrate seamlessly with your web hosting so that you can coordinate your business email with your professional website. To maximize convenience for customers, Titan mail has partnered with web hosting and domain name platforms like to offer flexible, affordable pricing plans for businesses of all sizes. 

When signing up for Titan email through’s platform, you can choose between multiple tiers with different features and email storage capacities. Based on the tier you choose, you’ll pay a certain amount per user each month. Or, if you’re ready to set up an annual plan, you’ll be eligible for a discounted rate. 

Titan email pricing tiers

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of Titan’s main email plans, including how much they cost and their key features for business owners:

Business Pro

As Titan’s base plan, the Business Pro tier is designed for individuals who want to create an online presence, such as bloggers, solopreneurs, and content creators. Business Pro offers streamlined, professional email features to give you the basic suite of tools you need to run your business online. These features include:

  • 10 GB of storage per email account to help you manage email overload and track your business communications
  • Integrated calendars that you can share with your team to keep your appointments organized
  • Easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps with streamlined interfaces and convenient features like offline working and inbox filters
  • Virus and spam protection to safeguard your online communications
  • Up to 50 read receipt notifications each month to help you keep track of your most important messages

It also includes these critical email features that are built into the platform to enhance your experience:

  • External forwarding to or from another account
  • Customizable HTML signatures
  • Data encryption for secure messaging
  • Block and allow lists to curate the messages in your inbox
  • One unified interface to manage all of your accounts
  • Customizable email filtering rules

Starting at just a couple of dollars per month, the Business Pro plan allows you to build out your digital workspace and access expert productivity tools at bargain prices. Here are the introductory prices for Business Pro:

  • Annual billing – $2 per month per user billed annually
  • Monthly billing – $2.50 per month per user billed monthly

Before committing to a monthly or annual plan, you can try Business Pro absolutely free for 30 days. Through this trial, you’ll be able to see how spending just $2 per month can boost your productivity, strengthen your digital identity, and showcase your business as a professional brand. After integrating your small business with Titan’s helpful interface, you can seamlessly transition to a monthly Business Pro plan, or upgrade to an even more powerful option. 

Business Premium

While Business Pro offers all the baseline email services you’ll need to get your business off the ground, Business Premium is designed to drive growth and help you strengthen your professional identity online. 

Along with all the features of the base plan, Business Premium also includes:

  • 50 GB of storage for each account
  • Unlimited read receipt notifications
  • Custom email templates
  • Contact groups to quickly connect with targeted segments of your audience
  • Follow-up notifications for important emails
  • HTML email layouts with interactive elements
  • Two-factor authentication for added security
  • Undo send to pull back emails sent by accident
  • Priority inbox to flag your most important messages

Although Business Premium is a tier up from the base plan, it’s still highly affordable for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Pricing is as follows:

  • Annual billing – $2.50 per month per user billed annually
  • Monthly billing – $4 per month per user billed monthly

Business Ultra

The Business Ultra plan is fully loaded with features for both established and growing businesses. It sets you up with expanded storage and smart tools to make you and your team more productive. Ultimately, with Business Ultra, you’re able to transform your email account into a full-on digital workspace that represents your brand. 

Along with all the features of the Pro and Premium plans, Ultra includes:

  • 100 GB of storage for each account
  • Personalized email campaigns and recipient lists
  • Smart Write AI to instantly generate custom email drafts and responses to important emails
  • Titan Signature Designer, which features visually appealing templates to display your contact information
  • Titan Bookings to manage your appointments with meeting links and smart scheduling

Whether you’re ready to utilize all that Business Ultra has to offer or simply want to leave room for your business to expand, you can unlock all of Titan’s features for only a few extra dollars per month:

  • Annual billing – $6.99 per month per user billed annually
  • Monthly billing – $7.49 per month per user billed monthly

Choosing your Titan plan

When picking out your Titan plan, consider your current business needs, your future business goals, and your long-term vision for your digital presence. To start, consider how much storage you currently use with your personal account, then determine how your needs might increase when operating as a business. As your team grows, think about how extra productivity tools could power your business efficiency and lead to cost savings down the line. 

Because all of Titan’s tiers come at budget prices, you can let your business goals and visions drive your choices instead of being restricted by price. 

Key benefits of Titan email

Since Titan’s inception in 2018, it has quickly become a customer favorite and one of the best business email providers available. In fact, in 2022, it became the top-rated email software on peer software reviewing platform G2, with an impressive 4.8/5 rating. 

Its customer-driven features and streamlined interface have made it the choice for over 300,000 businesses across the globe. Additionally, Titan’s commitment to continuous improvement and passion for integrating customer feedback has helped the platform outpace larger, clunkier competitors. As Titan has evolved, the platform has honed in on how to give business owners the tools they need without bogging them down. 

Here’s a look at some of the key benefits you can expect with Titan. 

Business-focused features

Titan’s business-minded features, such as automated reminders, can help you stay on top of critical customer and client conversations—all while giving you access to an unbeatable 99.99% delivery rate. 

You can also support your team members with generative AI, customize the appearance of your email newsletters, and streamline your email campaigns through automated messages.

Attentive customer support

Titan has a dedicated customer service arm that will provide you with expert support, regardless of the platform you used to sign up. When you register your Titan email through, you’ll automatically have access to Titan experts who can assist with anything from setup to troubleshooting. 

Scalable functionality

As your business grows, you can easily upgrade from Pro to Premium to Ultra. With each plan costing only a few dollars more per month, you can scale your business without having to make a major financial investment. 

Effortlessly add accounts, explore new features, and leverage Titan’s advanced capabilities whenever you’re ready to take the next step in your professional journey. 

Secure your Titan business email through makes it easy to set up and manage your professional Titan email alongside your other essential digital workspace tools. Once you secure your custom domain name through the platform, you’ll be ready to make your mark with a professional Titan email. 

Get started by exploring Titan email options on the platform, then instantly link your new professional email to your custom domain. 


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