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April 01, 2024

Choosing the Best Business Email Account: Your Ultimate Guide

Setting up a professional email account is one of the first steps you should take as a new medium or small business owner. Why?

Choosing the Best Business Email Account: A Comprehensive Guide

Setting up a professional email account is one of the first steps you should take as a new medium or small business owner. Why? 

Having a business email address that’s connected to your website’s custom domain and displays your company branding as opposed to a free business email is critical for generating brand recognition and building trust with your audience.

But trust, recognition, and professionalism aren’t the only advantages that come with a domain-branded business email address. Many business email accounts also set you up with powerful productivity tools that can help you better manage your company’s administrative needs. 

Keep reading to learn how to choose a professional email account and top recommendations for providers so that you can find your best email hosting service.

Elements of a quality business email provider

To successfully sift through your professional email address options and find an email service provider that aligns with your business needs, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. If you’re used to a free business email or free email accounts for personal use, you may not be aware of all the features that professional email providers have to offer. 

Here are some of the key features to look out for when choosing an email service provider for your business:

Ample storage

As a business owner, you need an email account with enough storage to manage and sort your critical business communications. The amount of email storage you need for each account can vary depending on the size of your business, number of email addresses, and the volume of messages and files you expect to send. 

Consider looking for an email hosting provider with multiple tiers of email storage space so that you can choose the option that best aligns with your needs in terms of managing email overload.

Security features

Using a secure email service is a key part of building trust with customers and vendors and establishing credibility as a business. With proper secure email security measures in place, you can keep your email marketing and communications private and protect both you and your contacts from data breaches. 

To that end, look for an email hosting provider that offers security features such as:

  • Anti-spam
  • Virus scanning and protection
  • Encryption
  • DKIM authentication

Calendars and scheduling tools

Integrating a calendar with your email is a simple feature to streamline appointment scheduling for your business. Look for providers that facilitate scheduling through easy-to-use calendar links that you can send directly to your clients, team members, and business contacts. 

Mobile apps

If you plan on checking your email on the go, explore both the web and mobile interfaces of your professional email provider options. In particular, make sure your favorite features are easy to access on both desktop and mobile platforms. 

By choosing a provider with strong mobile capabilities, you can ensure you always have a consistent, functional experience.

Multiple account functionality

Even if you’re a solopreneur, you may still want to set up multiple professional email accounts to help you organize your communications and email marketing. For instance, you may want different email addresses and inboxes for: 

  • Customer service communications
  • Sales
  • Vendor management
  • Orders 
  • IT Ticketing

To that end, determine whether your provider can support multiple professional email address accounts within the same platform.

Three of the best business email options

Ditch your free email account, move away from their free plan, and kickstart your search for the right business email provider by checking out these three popular and best email hosting service provider options for business owners:

Titan email

Titan email offers three tiers of business email plans, ranging from basic business accounts with 10GB of storage to deluxe options with AI business tools and a 100GB storage capacity. 

Titan focuses on providing small business owners with a convenient, easy-to-use experience while still equipping them with essential productivity tools. Starting at just $2 per user per month, Titan is a popular option if you’re looking to balance value with affordability. 

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Google Workspace

Signing up for a professional Google Workspace account gives you access to a professional Gmail account that easily integrates with other Google products, like Calendar, Drive, and Meet. 

The base plan is $6 per user per month and comes with 30GB of storage—but you can scale all the way up to custom, enterprise-level plans. You may be able to secure significant savings on Google Workspace by purchasing an annual plan.

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 business accounts give you access to a professional Outlook email, along with other apps like PowerPoint, Word, and Teams. These accounts also provide 50GB of storage just for your mailbox with the starter $6 per month plan. 

Microsoft 365 email is ideal for larger companies that want to manage and create documents alongside their email needs.

For convenience, speed, and affordability, set up your business email account through

Often, your professional email will be connected to your digital identity through your custom domain name. So, regardless of the email provider you choose, you can set up a more convenient digital space for your business by registering an email through your domain name provider

Fortunately, email solutions offer integrated services with top providers like Titan and Google Workspace, making it easy to access your top productivity tools within a single platform. Learn more about your business email options at and set your company up for success today.


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