Video | Nerd Compass presents: Allison and Ethan on content

Video | Nerd Compass presents: Allison and Ethan on content header image

What does it take to get quality visitors to your website? Great content. No matter what your website does, creating engaging interesting content is a must for business success.

Video transcript

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Ethan: I’d say that being quirky is not necessarily very quirky anymore. I’m immune to quirkiness.

Screen text: Making content work, Allison and Ethan

Ethan: So, make sure that everything we’re putting out there, it exists for a reason. We should always ask, “Why are we sending this? Does this benefit someone? Is it worth their ten seconds of their day or whatever it is they spend reading e-mails, or blog posts, or on social media to actually click through and get something of value?”

Screen text: Create a content calendar

Allison: If you want people to read your content, they need to know when and where they can expect to get it. So, creating a content calendar is one of the best ways to do that because it gives you a reason to stay on track, and it gives you enough time to plan what you’re going to put out, and it lets your readers, or your viewers, or your followers understand exactly when they can expect that content from you.

Screen text: Give them a reason to come back

Ethan: You’re not going to get them with every single e-mail you send, or every single social post or blog post, but if you have a reliable relationship, or reputation for providing content they like, they’ll keep coming back. I don’t need a goofy video or anything to click in the headline. I just need content that’s about something that I care about and I expect. Is it going to be worth clicking through to? I think it’s also important to strike a balance between, you have what you have to do for SEO, as far as word counts and keywords, but while also respecting your customer, or reader’s, time. So, that might mean if we have a sale blog post, there’s no need to linger and do a 1,000 word post about it. We get in and get out, explain this is the deal, and that’s it.

Screen text: There will be misses

Allison: I think people are so desperate to set their content apart these days that a lot of times they don’t use common sense, and they try so hard to be on the cutting edge and to appeal to such a broad audience that– Yeah. Sometimes there’s going to be misses. It just happens when you’re making content. Sometimes, you make something that’s not great, and you’re going to get mocked and ridiculed for it.

Screen text: Don’t be gross

Ethan: There’s good advice from, I think it was from MailChimp, just don’t be gross, and that goes back to respecting the customer’s time, but yeah, don’t be invasive or too frequent. Just, in as a much of a conversational, helpful, customer-service-oriented tone as possible tell them what you’re offering right now, and if that helps them, cool, and if not, hopefully, the next one will.

Screen text: Learn

Ethan: We learn from what we’ve done before by looking at analytics and looking at how different approaches help or hurt our numbers and try and go from there.

Screen text So basically…

Allison: You need to tell your customers how you’re going to make their lives easier, and then, deliver on that promise on a continual basis.

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