Video | Nerd Compass presents: How to optimize your website

Video | Nerd Compass presents: How to optimize your website header image

A well-optimized website is one that is quick and easy to use and keeps your visitors coming back regularly for the products or information they need. Customer Support rep Kole dishes some knowledge on how you can optimize your content in this video.

Video transcript

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Kole: Yeah, I mean, if you know how to optimize a website, which a lot of people don’t, you can look like a genius, I guess.

Screen text: 6 ways to optimize your website (mostly WordPress)

Kole Miller, Support

Kole: You wanna make sure your website is optimized properly because it really also affects your SEO.

Screen text: 1. Google speed test

Kole: Your whole Google Search rankings, they’re based upon how fast your website works. Luckily, they do have tools out there, Google does, that you can plug in your domain name and do a search on it and it will tell you how fast your load time is, and it’s Google Speed Test if you just search that.

Screen text: 2. WordPress theme

Kole: You wanna make sure that you’re doing a proper research to make you’re using a good WordPress theme that’s light and quick and [that] it’s built correctly.

Screen text: 3. Caching

Kole: And then another big thing is caching. Caching plugins are very important to make sure that your website is loading its content as [quickly] as it can.

Screen text: 4. Content delivery network

Kole: Another thing that you can do is use a content delivery network. CloudFlare has a free option, so what CloudFlare does is it takes your content (and may have data servers all over the world) and it basically will put your content in a server that’s closest to your location.

Screen text: 5. Optimize website

Kole: In cPanel they have a section under the cPanel that’s called “Optimize Website” and if you click on that “Optimize Website” and select “Compress all content,” it will help it load quicker and better.

Screen text: 6. Optimize database

Kole: There are plugins such as WP Optimizer. You can use that tool to help you optimize your database. Make sure it’s just cleaned up and it’s always at its best.

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