Video | Setting up web hosting the easy way.

Video | Setting up web hosting the easy way. header image

Setting up your own web hosting opens up a world of opportunity. You can build multiple websites, emails, and databases with vast amounts of storage and a free SSL Certificate. Even better, setting up your own hosting is getting easier and easier to do. Here’s Jonny with the updated web hosting flow.

Video Transcript

Jonny: We’ve recently implemented a brand new way to purchase hosting and today I’m going to show you what it looks like.

First let’s purchase some hosting. Web hosting. I think I’m going to get the Unbelievable package as it’s the best deal. It comes with free Encryption Everywhere SSL Certificate. It sounds good to me. Let’s see I could do it for more years. I think I’ll start with three years so I can have this hosting for quite a while.

Alright I’m going to log into my account. And then I’m going to process my order. I’m going to agree to terms and conditions and process my order. Now I want to set up my hosting and this is where the new flow comes into play. So click over here ‘setup products’. Here’s my new Unbelievable Hosting package which is good for three years, awesome. I’m going to set it up now. Give it a minute to load as it’s provisioning my account to the server. It can take a little bit sometimes.

Now I’m going to choose a domain name. I’m going to choose my domain name tutorials. Create a brand new website and I’m going to set up hosting now. Once it’s setting up I’ll get this awesome little Bearglecorn and he’ll be setting up my account on the server.

And while I’m waiting I can check the hosting status. So let’s check on that. Looks like we’re all set up. So again, brand new hosting user and I have all my important information here. Hosting status is active. There’s my server name, my server IP, there’s my default domain for my domain and then my cPanel username. So this is separate from my username up here on the right. This is my hosting username. So we also have some hot keys here where I can do WordPress. Install that really fast.

I’ve got email accounts; I can create email accounts very quickly. I got a file manager I can start uploading files and managing my website that’s custom made. And FTP accounts if I want to log in remotely and upload files via file transfer protocol. I also have some other options to do phpMyAdmin, Add-on Domains, subdomains, SSL/TLS and R1 Soft Restore. That’s awesome, keep making the Internet rad.