What we learned about domain names at Pubcon

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It’s so nice having someone else tell you about your product. We were at Pubcon in Las Vegas last week and visitors were sharing with us their stories of domain names. Instead of us straining our vocals against the ringing of Sin City, people like Angela St. Julien, who has Brand.Bar, told us these exact words: “Let’s get rid of the hyphens and start moving into the creative side with New TLDs [domain names.]” She even used a geeky term like “TLD.” Our people have arrived.

With recent products like the New Domains, we’re pretty stoked to meet a few exemplary usage cases. But at PubCon they lined up. Adam bought a .ACTOR for a client. Jeremy Chrysler owns Chrysler.NYC. Even former professional wrestling star Ric Flair said he’d love a .ROCKS. People were even suggesting aggregating your social feeds on a .SOCIAL. #Brilliant

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Rick Flair knows new domains. See the updated version of the champ in the video below.

It was all part of a very clear change in tone when we talked to people about New Domains like .NINJA or .SOCIAL. In only a year since our last visit to Pubcon, people had moved from being vaguely familiar to genuine excitement. Their brains jumped into creative overdrive. For example, Chrysler told us that building an online brand around the right domain, not solely a .COM, is important and that, “A lot of these TLDs, these new ones, allow you to do something super memorable without doing something really weird.”

And that’s just one guy we stopped at random in a packed convention hall.

Since all of us at Name.com are giant domain name nerds and are obsessed with New Domains like .NINJA, all of the positivity we heard about them at Pubcon is something that we absolutely love. It tells us that other people are understanding what we’ve seen with new domain extensions for awhile: unlimited opportunity.

Unlimited opportunity is the essence of the Internet, and a domain name is the beginning portion of the quest for online opportunity. The perfect domain name makes your brand or business memorable and it’s one of the most simple ways to to accelerate the growth of your personal brand or business.