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Take pride in your political party with .DEMOCRAT

Show your political affiliation online with this domain.


There are more than 43 million registered Democrats in the United States alone. The .DEMOCRAT domain extension gives Democrats a place to unite online—it’s recognizable and credible, and shows your pride in the party.

Why choose a .democrat domain?

  • Large addressable market — .DEMOCRAT appeals to elected officials, candidates, political enthusiasts, or anyone who simply identifies with Democratic values. There are 2.2 million monthly searches for the word “Democrat,” and there are 43 million registered Democrats in the U.S.

  • Protect your name — Elected officials and high-profile individuals who identify with the Democratic party can take advantage of Trademark Holder registrations to make sure they have control of their own .DEMOCRAT (e.g.,

  • Ease of use — A .DEMOCRAT website can be effective regardless of scale. It could be the destination for a large website, or for something as simple as a landing page requesting donations.

How to use your .democrat domain

Election candidates

Proudly share your political affiliation while you run for office with a .DEMOCRAT domain.


Connect with other Democrats in your region by using the popular keyword “Democrat” in your URL.

Political commentators

Share your perspective on laws and issues from a Democrat’s point of view.

Election resource providers

Share information about candidates and political issues through a website geared towards other Democrats.

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