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EAP begins on Feb. 19, 2019:

All successful .DEV domain preorders include FREE Advanced Security.

The long-awaited .DEV domain is finally becoming available for developers everywhere. As a developer, showcase all of the interesting things you build with the .DEV domain. Create a portfolio of your greatest accomplishments to show potential clients or employers, offer industry insight on a blog, or share your favorite tools and programs with others.


January 16, 2019

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Sunrise Period: Registration is available only to verified trademark holders. This is the first opportunity for anyone to register a new domain.

To register a domain, you must have your trademark(s) validated by the Trademark Clearinghouse. Once your trademark is approved, the TMCH will send an SMD file that you can use to complete your registration.

.DEV Early Access Program (EAP)

February 19, 2019

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Early Access Program (EAP): Some New Domains can be Pre-Registered at varying price points, similar to an auction. The domain will be awarded to the registrant who Pre-Registers at the highest price point. EAP Pre-Registrations will be fully refunded if we are unable to secure the domain, or if someone else registers at a higher price point.

.DEV General Availability

February 28, 2019


Why choose a .DEV domain extension?

Take advantage of a niche domain space that offers a higher level of security than standard domains.

Connect with employers or clients by showcasing your experience, proficiencies, and most successful projects.

.DEV is an open TLD, so it’s available for anyone to register.

Please note that .DEV is intended to be a secure namespace, so all potential .DEV domain owners must secure their website with an SSL certificate. .DEV can be purchased just like any other domain, but the connected website will not work properly in browsers until HTTPS has been configured for the site.

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