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The go-to place for the Basque language of Euskara: .EUS

Why .EUS?

As the world continues to become a more unified global community, regional dialects and cultures struggle to hang on to their roots. The Basque language, one of the oldest languages in the world, now has a new tool for developing their cultural ties ; the .EUS domain extension. .EUS stands for "Euskara," the standardized and official name of the Basque language, and offers a digital hub for this community to keep connected in a constantly expanding virtual world.

Additional Registration Requirements:   You must be able to show a connection with or a reasonable interest in the community both at the time of registration and for as long as you use it. Your connection to the community may be of a linguistic, cultural, tourism, commercial or other nature as long as it is favorable and not detrimental to the Basque community.

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