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The perfect domain
for salons and spas: .salon

Spas, beauty salons, and more can now register the .SALON domain to inform visitors about what they do. Using this unique domain space can increase your chances of getting your first choice of domains while taking advantage of a prime keyword.


Why choose a .salon domain extension?

  • Businesses can let potential customers know exactly the type of services they offer, before they even click into the website.

  • Businesses that end in “salon” can shorten their domain name by using the .SALON extension. For example, use rather than

There are over 900,000 salons in the U.S. alone, accounting for $40 billion of annual revenue. 1.1 million professionals comprise this huge industry, and one out of three of them is self-employed, making shameless self-promotion an important tool for gaining a client base and connecting with salons. .SALON provides the perfect TLD option for these professionals, and the salons they work for. Use .SALON for online resource pages, personal profiles, style blogs, and more.

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