Use page redirects if you have replaced a page and want to send visitors to a newer version.


    Types of redirect

There are two different types of redirect:

301 Permanent

The 301 redirect indicates a permanent change. Search engines will recognise the redirect and re-index the site.

302 Temporary

The 302 redirect is temporary which means that the old, or original page, stays indexed with search engines. A 302 redirect should not be a permanent solution because both pages continue to be indexed, affecting search rankings between the old and new pages.


Adding a redirect

1. Click Site settings


Site builder


2. Click Redirects
3. Click Add a redirect or the + button

Create a redirect


4. Add the name of the page that you want to redirect your visitors from
5. Choose the page to send them to
6. Click Save

Adding a redirect


7. You will then be returned to the Redirects page, where you will see all of your currently active redirects

Redirects page