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Reissuing SSL Certificates with

Last Updated: Jan 07, 2022

This isn't very common, but in some rare instances, you may need to reissue your SSL certificate.


If you are changing hosting providers you can move your existing certificate without reissuing it by following these steps


There are only a few reasons you might need to request a reissued certificate:

  1. You lost the private key and want to re-key the certificate.
  2. You need to change the common name on the certificate (for example, from to
  3. You need to add, remove, or change some of the Subject Alternative Names(SANs) listed in the certificate.


Reissuing a certificate repeatedly may raise certain suspicions which, in turn, may result in the complication of validations and verification of ownership.


You will need to generate a Certificate Signing Requests(CSR) that will be used during the reissue setup. Please see this guide. If you have web hosting with a provider other than, you would need to generate the CSR with them, as well as contact them for any assistance with this process.


Once you have generated a valid CSR, please submit a support ticket at, including the new CSR, and we will begin the certificate reissue process.


Your CRT certificate will be emailed to you. For instructions on how to apply the CRT to web hosting, please see Applying a certificate CRT through cPanel, and it will conclude the setup. If you have web hosting with a provider other than, you would need to install the CRT with them or supply them with the CRT and they can install it and assist further.

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