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Advanced Security product

Last Updated: December 12, 2023

Due to increased privacy concerns and the launch of GDPR, has taken increased steps to protect our customers' domains and information. As a part of this, our former Whois Privacy product has been upgraded to Advanced Security, which is made up of three key features:

Whois Privacy

This product is our existing Whois Privacy service, which masks information obtained through the public Whois database. For an in-depth explanation of Whois Privacy please see our Knowledge Base article on the subject.

Domain Lock Plus

Domain Lock Plus adds a significant layer of security to your domains by restricting the ability to transfer them or make changes to their contact information when the lock is in place. Please note that Two-Step Verification must be set up in the account before this feature can be initiated.

If you want to make changes to the domain or contact information once Domain Lock Plus is enabled, a Two-Step Verification code must be entered first. This is to prevent unauthorized users from unlocking the domain and transferring it out without the account holder's consent. Domain Lock Plus adds the following security measures when enabled:

      • Disables the ability to internally transfer a domain between accounts.
      • Prevents Whois Privacy from being toggled on/off.
      • Disables the ability to transfer a domain externally, to another registrar.
      • Prevents changes to the domain's contact information (and therefore Whois records).
      • Prevents changes to the domain's nameservers.

SSL (Encryption Everywhere)

Advanced Security includes an SSL Certificate through the Encryption Everywhere program. SSLs encrypt the information on your website to increase security and inspire user trust. You must connect your domain to a hosting service before your SSL Certificate can be used, and you'll need to check with your provider for specific instructions on how to install it and generate the CSR. If you host through, SSL Certificates should be set up directly through the Web Hosting dashboard.

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