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Last Updated: October 26, 2023



About the migration 

What is Titan

Titan has been built with the vision of empowering businesses to create a strong online presence using a simple tool that allows them to make the most of the email - one of the more powerful marketing media. 


Why the move to Titan email

The move to Titan is a part of our ongoing efforts to give you premium products that elevate your web presence. With the move to Titan, we’re upgrading your business email service and bringing you a more sophisticated email with features created to amp up your efficiency, a user-friendly platform, and great email security! 

Titan has been our partner for over a year and is trusted by thousands of our customers. Check out what customers all over the world say about Titan

With Titan, you get top-notch email features and infrastructure. So before you begin your transition from email to Titan Mail, there are probably a lot of questions left unanswered and this article aims to answer all of them.


When will the migration happen?

  • The migration is planned to happen on June 16th 2023
  •  Here are important timelines you need to know-
    • Accept Terms and conditions - by 16th May 2023 (estimate)
    • Backup - complete by 1st week of June
    • Change DNS settings, only if you manage your DNS outside of (only on or after migration is complete)
    • Login to webmail (After you have receive an email about successful migration)


What you need to do for the move?

Once you give your consent to migrate to Titan, the migration process automatically be carried on per the timelines above. You do not have to do anything :) In the meantime you can read about the exciting features that Titan offers here.


Before the Migration 

  • Once the migration is complete, you’ll be bound by the Titan Terms and Conditions and Titan Privacy Policy. You can read and give your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
  • While we will try to migrate most of your data to Titan, there are a few things that won’t be moved to Titan and you are advised to manually back up some of the data. More details about this will be shared over in the next few days.

 After the Migration

  • If your domain’s nameservers are not pointing to, you will have to change your DNS settings to start using Titan email. We will send you more details about this closer to the date.
  • If you are accessing emails from a client like an outlook, thunderbird, etc. You have to make changes to your IMAP/POP settings.
  • Note: Please wait for instructions from us before changing DNS and IMAP/POP settings. Your current emails won’t work if you make any change before the migration is complete


What happens to my additional unassigned licenses 

  • In Titan, all your licenses are by default attached to your domains. 
  • For the additional unassigned licenses on your account, you’ll be given a refund in the form of a promo that you can be used for Titan seats on any of your domains.
  • Titan email does not allow moving licences between domains. If you want to create a new mailbox, you can use the credits to purchase additional mailboxes to the domain you want.


What happens if I don't want to move to Titan?

  • Currently all users on are moving to Titan and will stop the support for email soon. Therefore, you will not be able to stay back on the existing email. You will have to find alternative email solution if not moved to Titan email by the time email stops being supported. We are confident that you will be satisfied with Titan email’s superior features, service, and uptime. Upgrading now will ensure the most seamless experience with no downtime or service interruptions.


Can I migrate at a later date than the last date of consent?

  • Currently this is not an option.


Plans, renewal and billing

What are the Titan plans available? 

  Pro Premium
Email platform    
Email storage (per email account) 10 GB 50 GB
Rich Webmail, and native apps for iOS and Android
Inbuilt Calendar and Contacts
Advanced Anti-virus and anti spam
One-click import of existing emails & contacts
Advanced features    
Read Receipts 50 Unlimited
Block Sender
Email Templates x
HTML in composer x
Contact Groups x
Follow-up Reminders x
Send Later x
Priority Inbox x
Send as Alias x
Two-Factor Authentication x
Undo Send x
Multi-account support
Interface and service    
Advanced Search
HTML signatures
IMAP/POP3 support
Data encryption
Custom DKIM support
Email forwarding
Email rules
Email alias
External forwarders
Catchall account


What plan am I moving to?

  • As part of the migration, you will be moved to the Titan plan based on the storage you have consumed. 
  • If there are mailboxes in your domain that have consumed >10gb storage, your domain will be moved to the Titan Premium plan
  • If no mailbox in your domain that has consumed >10gb storage, your domain will be moved to the Titan Pro plan


What are the commercials for upgrades, renewals, additional mailboxes with Titan


  Migration Initial promo price Promo price applicability Upgrade price move from Titan pro to Titan Premium Renewal price Buy more accounts price
Packages with all mailboxes <10 GB No additional cost $20/mbx/year Till current Open SRS package expiry

$6/mbx ($30-$24)

On pro rata basis



On pro rata basis

Packages with >=1 mbx >10 GB No additional cost $20/mbx/year Till current Open SRS package expiry NA $54


On pro rata basis


During the migration period

  • If you have an active email plan, you will not be charged any
    till the plan expiry.

What is the cost for new mailboxes? 

  • You will not be charged anything till the expiry of your current email plan which is USD 20/mailbox/year
  • Once your plan renews, Titan charges will apply depending on which Titan plan you are on
    • If you are moved onto Titan’s pro plan, you will be charged $30/year on pro rata basis for every mailbox you want to add
    • If you are moved onto Titan’s premium plan, you will be charged $54/year on pro rata basis for every mailbox you want to add

What price will I renew at?

  • If no mailbox in your domain that has consumed >10gb storage, your domain will be moved to the Titan Pro plan. Upon renewal you will be charged $30/mailbox/year
  • If there are mailboxes in your domain that have consumed >10gb storage, your domain will be renewed according to the Titan Premium plan. Upon renewal you will be charged $54/mailbox/year

Additional questions about migration

What data will be migrated?

  • ​​When we migrate your email, we'll move almost everything to your new Titan account
    • Email data: all sent, received emails, signatures, 
    • Calendar: All your calendar events
    • Contacts: All your contacts present on your webmail
    • Your account information: 
      • Emails - {Primary Email, Secondary Email}
      • Phone Numbers - {Mobile Number, Home Phone, Work Phone, Fax Number, Pager Number} 
      • Address - {Home Address; Work Address}
      • BirthDate - {BirthDay/BirthMonth/BirthYear}
      • URL - {Web Page 1, Web Page 2}
      • NickName: only be used if DisplayName is missing
    • Email signatures

What data will not be migrated?

  • What we will not move
    • Rules you have set
      • Titan does not support rules with OR conditions. If you have existing rules with OR conditions, NONE of your rules will be migrated to Titan.Please backup this data so as to not lose them
    • External forwarders
      • If you have more than >1 External forwarders for your email, we will select the first active forwarder presently and move it.
    • Conditional forwarders
      • Titan does not support conditional forwarders so this data will not be moved after the migration
    • File storage
      • Titan does not support File storage. If you have files that are currently present in your email, you will lose access to them after the migration. Please take required backups before the migration so as to not lose them Titan
    • RSS feeds
      • Titan does not support RSS feeds. If you have any RSS feeds configured, please take required backups before the migration so as to not lose them Titan


What are the premium features that Titan offers?

  • Titan is packed with a lot of useful and interesting features. Learn more about our premium features here.

Are there any features available in existing email which are unavailable in Titan?

Titan Email provides a set of features, however, there are specific email features that are currently not supported by your previous provider which are as follows:


Features Currently not supported Here's how we'll tackle it
Ability to set multiple forwarders Titan supports up to 3 external forwarders. If you have more than 3, the first 3 active forwarders will be considered.
Ability to set rules/filters on forwarders One can set a forwarder on Titan email, however, the implementation to set rules/filters on forwarders feature's progress can be tracked from here.
Forward only accounts

While we do not support forward-only accounts on Titan at the moment, the team shall look to have this implemented in the future.

Calendar functions: VALARM & VTODO (Attachments, Category, Priority, Privacy ) Oops! Our calendar can do ALOT but these. But, we hear you and the team shall look to have this added in the future.

Contact functions: Nickname

We will use your nickname only if you haven't added your display name. 

We keep our contacts simple with primary albeit powerful features. The team shall look to add further enhancements to it in the future.
Anti Spam feature like Block an IP/Email ID While we strive to make sure our spam criteria are at the par, such that we filter out all unwanted emails for our customers, this feature of blocking an email box/IP is currently being worked on to have implemented, and so we do appreciate your patience :) 
Configuring any folder as SPAM Titan has a standard Spam folder and configuring any other folder as Spam is not supported.
Files Storage Titan does not have a file storage section If you have such data added in your email you might lose it post migration. We recommend you take a backup for your reference.
RSS Feed  Getting important updates in the RSS feed is really interesting and thus you can let us know if this is something very important to you in regards to getting updates and we shall work on it as well :) 
IDN domains 

Titan doesn't support IDN as of now

OR conditions in rules

Titan does not support rules containing “OR” conditions. If you have existing rules with “OR” conditions in your email account, those rules will NOT be migrated to Titan. Please back up this data so you don’t lose it

Large emails and attachments >50mb

Titan does not support emails larger than 50mb. If you have such emails please take necessary backups as we will not be moving these emails to Titan


How do I login to Titan email after the migration?

  • Once the migration is complete, you will be able to directly login to Titan email with your existing email and password. Please ensure you remember your login details in order to seamlessly login to Titan.
  • If you don’t remember your password it is a good idea to reset your password and have everything ready before 16th June.

How do I start using my email after migration is complete

  • Once migration is complete login to to start using email. You can use your existing email and password to login. This is an important step to ensure that all your email and calendar information is synced properly
  • You can also download Titan’s mobile apps available on iOS and Android


I use email on a 3rd party client (Like Outlook or other applications such as Thunderbird, Apple mail). What do i need to do?

  • If you’re currently accessing your email using a third-party client (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail), you’ll need to reconfigure the SMTP/IMAP settings. Please go through this article for detailed instructions.
  • Note: Please ensure you take necessary backups, especially of your contacts present in your third-party client.


What should I do if my email doesn't work after migration?

  • Your email might not work for one of the following reasons
    • Your DNS settings are not configured properly
    • If using a third party client, you will have to make the IMAP and POP setting change to ensure your emails show up on your email client 
  • Please ensure that both have been done. On the same note, here at Titan, we have a 24x7 support, delivering specialists in the field who are at your beck and call for all your needs and issues, feel free to knock at our door anytime at [email protected] 

How to get my DNS settings updated after migration?

How to get my DNS settings updated after migration

Note: The steps below are relevant for your domain admin. If you are not the admin of your domain, please forward the steps to your domain administrator.

Depending on your domain’s nameservers are pointing to, your domain admin might have to make some changes to ensure your email starts working as expected.

Find out where the nameservers for your domain are pointing with the help of this article.

  • If your nameservers are pointing to
    • You do not have to change anything.
    • After the migration is over, your domain’s DNS records will automatically be changed to Titan and your email should start working automatically
  • If your nameservers are not pointing to
    • Here is the article with steps on how to change the DNS settings link

Important: Make these changes only after the migration is complete on 16th June, 2023. Your email might not work if you make changes before that. We will send you reminders on June 16th, 2023 on when you can make changes


For how long after migration will migrated users have access to email platform?

  • Users can have access to Titan and email for 1 week after migration.
  • Once migration is done, creation and management of email is to be done only from Titan and not from email.

Is Titan GDPR compliant?

  • Titan's GDPR compliances are given here in this link. You can check out the following points from the article: 1.5, 4.1, 6.3, 7.3

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