Account transfers are easy and instant, so there are rarely issues, but they do occasionally occur.  

  • When finishing an internal transfer, you may get a notice that says Error: Cannot Transfer (Domain Name). Domain was Registered in the Past 5 Days. This is an anti-fraud measure that we cannot bypass. You simply need to wait until 5 days after the registration date to complete the account transfer.
  • The second error you might see is the incorrect account code. If you see The Account Code is Invalid then you do not have the correct or complete code.
  • When trying to finish an internal transfer you might get this error: The contact information for the receiving account has not been verified. Press Transfer Domain to continue the transfer process without changing domain contacts. Or, verify the domain contacts from the new account and try again later. This error means the account that you are transferring the domain to has not yet verified their contact information. You will either need to transfer the domain without changing the domain contact information, or the new account owner will need to verify the contact information.